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Correction: we're not back, but will be

David made this Post on 2019年01月09日, 23:34 JST | Category: Default
As you've seen in the last post last year, we've been back.
As you've seen in throughout last year, we actually haven't been back.

What's the hold up!?
First of all, sorry for all of that.
That put aside, as promised multiple times before (and failed at it because reasons), I've finally moved to Japan.
This meant lots of radical changes in literally every single aspect of my life, and couldn't do anything of what I previously promised.
But at least now the entire team lives in the same country.

Only the last point got some progress, and that's the new web apps that I finally picked up after a very long time of those collecting dust.
They are now (partially) in use on 076 Group:

Break free, UltimatePisman!
Maybe some subscribers have noticed how UP no longer feels like an association to CW-Games, those subscribers are right.
UltimatePisman is still maintained by me, but it's now totally been separated from CW-Games, and therefore now acts as a gaming channel of its own.

CW-Games → 076
It has been a huge consideration for 4 years now, but we'll be converting CW-Games into a part of 076 Group to make management of multiple brands less bothersome.
However, since 076 Group itself has almost fully converted into Japanese as its main language, so the future of CW-Games will.
Publishing will also be dropped, the aim is to be as independent as possible.
Doing a publishing service is therefore contradicting this idea.
The reason for that can be read below.

Realising a crucial mistake: too much focus on business
As a human being, I've made quite a lot of mistakes, the inhuman part is that I've been very slow to notice them.
Among a very crucial (perhaps even fatal!) one is that under the CW-Games brand I've focused on business way too much.
Among the consequences are that quality of the games are poor, I gave up on too many projects both announced and unannounced, I thought too big (which resulted in giving up), and was working on multiple projects at the same time.
With this I realised I cared very little about my audience, and even less about myself.

As a result I was working on large scale RPG games and platform games, while at the same time working on smaller 3D puzzle games, and at the same time working on multiple web applications concurrently, and YouTube videos, and desktop apps, and mobile apps...STOP!
The proper way is by scaling my projects to the size small enough I can do as being a single person, and at the same time big enough to come over as good quality.
And of course work on 1 project at a time, schedule the other ones in for later ordered by importance, and drop everything else altogether.

I've put this to the test with 076 Group already, and I can say that it works great, even while doing my full time job next to it here in Japan.
The new website system is already completed, I'm now working on the user system that's almost being completed at this moment, and then I move on to the forum and (maybe) chat systems.
And after that, I can finally start with a new game I have in mind, which is perfectly doable for just me, but will certainly not disappoint you.
The game in question at this point exclusively exists in my mind at this point, and I refuse to even make a plan for it until I've finished all 4 web applications I'm now working on.


We're back!

David made this Post on 2018年01月30日, 22:22 JST | Category: Default
Months after announcing our withdrawal from the game development community, it's time to announce we are back in business!
However, with just a few adjustments.

Rather, this is a bit of a reboot.
The projects we still had in development have been cancelled, and instead we will focus on a different strategy.

Behind the scenes
During our time of temporary non-existence, our second team member helped us get access to Nintendo Switch devkits and everything, entirely on his own behalf!
As a reward, I promoted him to the main developer and business contact!
Now our main development platforms are Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 instead of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U (projects for those plus PS Vita are of course still allowed internally).
iOS and Android, as well as Linux/Windows/macOS and Xbox One, will currently remain our reserved platforms, which means we will not actually make any games for these, but might do if preferred internally.

In the mean time, we have been doing web development stuff under the 076 Community Group brand, which'll be merged with CW-Games.
Web development will be done by 076 Community Group, while game development will be done by CW-Games.
And of course UltimatePisman is our PR brand again.

It might be a better idea to do business in the doujin style, rather than the AAA style we attempted to stick with before.
AAA style is nice, but unrealistic if you're a team of 2 and a half people.

Instead of putting all our future staff on a single project that got predefined by me, we will let staff decide what they want to make, with who (including solo), on which platform(s), etc.
We have a partly public Git server now, which'll make this possible.

Better publishing
At a later time we will allow other developers to publish through us again in both Western and Japanese regions.
Costs for CERO will be dropped altogether, we have learnt this is something a publisher should cover, not a developer.
More on this at a later time.

Support forum will be back, plus better website
Under the 076 Community Group brand, we are developing new web apps, among which a website engine and a forum engine.
Those will be used by this site too of course, so expect that to happen!
(Please don't mind the SSL issues on the 076 Community Group site, we have a bit of an argument with Let's Encrypt.)

I think that's all.

We're sorry

David made this Post on 2017年11月21日, 4:19 JST | Category: Default
After proudly developing games on Nintendo platforms for 4 years, I made the decission to quit.
As direct as we've always been, we have been lying a bit about this.
But it wasn't meant to make sure nobody will figure out, it was because I needed some time to consider before making a definite decission.
I still love the games industry, I still love to make video games, but 2017 doesn't feel like 2013.

Back when we joined Nintendo in 2013, we were very enthusiastic about game development on platforms hardly anyone got access to.
Nintendo was still very friendly and open minded, and they felt much more human than how they feel now.
In October 2015, they've transferred us from and their newsgroups to the Nintendo Developer Portal.
That's nice, finally we got a semi-centralised place for all the information we needed.

However, not even a full year went by after that, and they cracked open their policies from companies-only to every single person, and eventually merged all of the Wii U Developers devs into the NDP.
No offense to them, the real problem became crystal clear when hackers, pirates, and whatnot started to get instant access to something that used to take lots of time, effort, and trust to even try to get in.
And the shift in mentality got even clearer when Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch, which to this day they still apply favourism to select developers (some of which even proved multiple times to be dubious too!).
And all while all the loyal 3rd party developers keep demanding answers from a Nintendo that just won't talk, they at the very least took the time to close a topic about the developers trying to get Nintendo to talk about Switch development, because "enough is enough" and "I keep repeating myself".

Got sick of the way Nintendo threats their own 3rd party developers, but I also got sick of the 3rd party developers themselves that effectively drove away the more professional developers with very derpy questions.

I'm now continuing my life as an independent web application engineer.
Work is way easier, and I don't need to rely on platform holders, and it's the kind of work I can do entirely on my own (of course I'm planning on hiring people in the future, but until the times come, I'll be working alone).

This site will remain open for a while, but expect it to redirect to our new company in establishment: 076 Communities Group K.K.
A company we plan to launch in Japan in a couple months from now.
But until the times come, we'll make sure to have some products ready first, so we can immediately start off correctly.

Nonetheless, my time at CW-Games did teach me some good stuff too.
It mostly taught me how to not make products, and combined with my current full time job, I learnt lots of excellent good practises with programming in general.

If you're into web development, or if you're a potentional future customer, we'll see you back soon!
Sorry, I'm listening to a playlist of multiple remixes based off 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日, and I was writing the last few sentences exactly when a dramatic song came up.
You too should listen to it!

Meet some of Neko-chan's enemies!

David made this Post on 2017年01月12日, 21:19 JST | Category: Default
Hey again!
Just to get to the point: CW-Games announces the official names for the main player of Neko's Action, as well as the official names of 3 of the many enemies.

The main character is called Neko-chan (ネコちゃん in Japanese), the smile enemy is called Facemi (フェース笑/フェースえみ), the fireball is called Balsey (バルシー), and the cat block is called Stompy (岩踏み/いわぶみ).
Hope you like them!

CW-Update Q4 2016

David made this Post on 2017年01月02日, 0:49 JST | Category: Default
Hello internet.
David here, I'm here to present the new CW-Update.

The end of UltimatePisman
As reported earlier, UltimatePisman is no more.
At least, not in its current form.
The rise of growing copyright policy concerns made us decide that UltimatePisman will no longer show any new gameplay from companies other than ours.
Thanks to the never-stopping copyright troubles, 2016 had the least viewers since 2009, and that is painful.

UltimatePisman will now only function as our PR channel.

CW-Games goes Japanese (more certain than last time)
It's becoming more likely than ever that CW-Games will move its office to Japan somewhere in 2017.
This would make the publishing side of things much easier and remove some hurdles.

We are currently looking for a bank to fund this, but it already looks more likely the move will be made than what we said in Q3.
No worries, everything else will remain the same, as if it were still based in the Netherlands.

CW-Games sales
Let's start off with our Q4 2016 sales.
Chimpuzzle Pro sold 8 times across Europe.
BlockForm sold 15 times in Europe, 160 times in the Americas, and 3 times in Australia.
Total: 186, which is our record for a single quarter.

Since the American region counts in months instead of quarters, here's a little breakdown of the months for that region:
October: 60
November: 44
December: 56

Including all of 2016:
Chimpuzzle Pro sold 32 times in Europe.
BlockForm sold 42 times in Europe, 160 times in the Americas, and 5 times in Australia.
This gives us the grand total of 239 total sales, which means we sold more copies in a single year than ever!

BlockForm possibly delayed for Japan
Because it's more likely than ever we will move to Japan, we thought it would be a good idea to delay the Japanese release of BlockForm to Q2 2017.
That way we can arrange everything with fewer worries.

Neko's Action is heading in the right direction; might come to Switch instead
We have previously withheld from releasing Neko's Action to the Nintendo Switch (back then known as "Nintendo NX").
Even though we still don't have access to anything regarding Nintendo Switch, we now at least know some fundamental details about that.
This makes it possible for us to determine whether Neko's Action will stay on the New 3DS, or move to Nintendo Switch, and the answer is yes.

Maybe we will release both games on both systems, but let's see how things will go first.
The PS Vita version is also still coming, as long as Sony won't drop their support for it that is.


CW-Update Q3 2016

David made this Post on 2016年10月01日, 20:53 JST | Category: Default
Hello internet.
David here, I'm here to present the new CW-Update.

UltimatePisman's Anniversary
The 4th of October is the 10th anniversary of our YouTube channel: UltimatePisman.
This makes it the oldest on-going gameplay channel on YouTube, hurrah!
We will continue to make videos on this platform, even though it has been a bit quiet lately.

CW-Games goes Japanese (maybe)
It's becoming more likely than ever that CW-Games (and so UltimatePisman too) will move its office to Japan somewhere in 2017.
No worries, everything else will remain the same, as if it were still based in the Netherlands.

CW-Games sales
In Q3 2016, CW-Games has sold 27 copies of BlockForm for New 3DS, and 1 copy of Chimpuzzle Pro for Wii U.
Chimpuzzle Pro stats apply to Europe only, BlockForm stats apply to Europe and Australia.
For a full annual report, please check back on the 1st of January 2017.

UltimatePisman statistics
In Q3 2016, UltimatePisman got about 1,519,443 views, and 5,229,911 watch minutes.
At the moment of writing, we lack data for the final 2 days, so we have added 100,000 to both numbers so it would be at least a bit correct.
For a full annual report, please check back on the 1st of January 2017.

BlockForm goes America
After some miscommunications with Nintendo of America (which led to a big delay in America), our American fans can enjoy hours of fun in BlockForm, starting the 13th of October 2016!

BlockForm goes Japan too
Now that we're the first western company allowed to self-publish games in Japan, we can finally release BlockForm in Japan in Q1 2017.
The long wait is related to the high price CERO (Japanese age rating) is asking us.

Neko's Action
And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for so long: our brand new game we promised that will replace Flavoured Cats!
The game is: Neko's Action!
The game will come out for New 3DS and maybe PS Vita near the end of 2017, or at the beginning of 2018, which may mean we could eventually release it to the NX instead, but we will have to wait and see what the NX actually is before we make this decission.

That's all.

BlockForm's American release date and price announced!

David made this Post on 2016年09月23日, 14:26 JST | Category: Default
Now we finally got on one line with Nintendo of America, and BlockForm will release on 13 October 2016 in the Americas!
The price? 4.99 in the USA, 6.50 in Canada, 91.50 in Mexico, and 16.00 in Brazil.

That's all what had to be said.

The next game will have a retro look-and-feel and some possible engine change?

David made this Post on 2016年09月11日, 4:09 JST | Category: Default
Forget 3D, forget material design, forget flat design, forget aero glass, our next game will go back to the early 90's!
More precisely, to the time before even the Super FX chip was used in the SNES!

We already made a promise put more attention to the graphics in our next game.
Our next promise is: the game will now take longer than an hour to complete!
Because the whole game will look, feel AND play like one of the early SNES games, except that it's running on modern platforms (3DS and PS Vita).

We started developing this game since about April 2016 and it was meant to be shown off on the 4th of October.
Heh, already broke one promise, because the game is still not good enough to be announced yet.
Actually, I guess the announcement will take even more months because we want TO MAKE CW-GAMES GREAT AGAIN, so both gameplay, art, audio and design is of huge importance this time, not just gameplay.

In another news, we're currently using Unity3D for this game.
However, we're currently looking to change that and go hardcore by developing using the 3DS and PS Vita SDKs directly.
This is NOT a promise, this is a wish of ours, so I hope it'll come true and also MAKE THIS GAME GREAT AGAIN.
Or we should make it 3DS-only, because we have no budget for PS Vita dev kits ATM.
But that's something I don't hope to happen.

Anyway, this unannounced game will probably come out somewhere in 2018 if we do it according to the schedule.

Your European QR code for BlockForm is here!

David made this Post on 2016年08月19日, 1:43 JST | Category: Default
If you're from Europe or Australia, you can now access the BlockForm eShop page by scanning this QR code:

The press will get review codes around Monday.
For everyone else, just one more week to go.

BlockForm's European release date and price announced!

David made this Post on 2016年07月29日, 2:08 JST | Category: Default
Hey guys!
BlockForm just got approved by Nintendo of Europe.
Now we can safely announce the definite European release date and price!

BlockForm will come out in Europe, Australia, Russia, New Zealand and South Africa on the 25th of August 2016, and will cost € 4.99 EUR (non Euro countries should calculate it to their own currencies).

That's all.
What? Expected more out of an announcement regarding a release date and price?
OK then, here is the historic sales chart for Chimpuzzle Pro so far:

Big announcement on 4 October 2016!

David made this Post on 2016年06月26日, 21:47 JST | Category: Default
The 4th of October, that's when our YouTube channel UltimatePisman will celebrate its 10th anniversary on YouTube!
That's correct, UltimatePisman was originally founded on 4 October 2006.
Man, time flies by quick!

And CW-Games will be there to interfere with a special announcement on exactly that day!
It's finally time to show the game we have been promising for over 2 years now.
It will be AWE-SOME!

BlockForm: SURPRISE! Maze levels!

David made this Post on 2016年06月17日, 21:54 JST | Category: Default

On levels 36 through 39 in BlockForm, you will get maze levels.
Sorry, we were out of platforms and we had to reach 40 levels.

Levels 36 and 37 are quite regular, but levels 38 and 39 will be more wacky.
Levels 38 and 39 are copies of levels 36 and 37 respectively, but contain a little twist.
You will need to figure out what this twist is by yourself.

A little impression of level 36:

CW-Games adds PlayStation support

David made this Post on 2016年06月14日, 0:39 JST | Category: Default
Hey all!

Until this day, we have been strictly Nintendo-only developers.
Time for a change, because we now also support PlayStation platforms!
And our new game for New Nintendo 3DS AND PS Vita is already in development too!

Game disclosure will happen at a later time, but I can already say: we will provide good graphics AND programming this time, so it's not a gameplay-focused project this time.
But it'll still be developed by just me nonetheless.

FYI: yes, we do have an Xbox One license too, but we don't do anything with it for support reasons.

BlockForm: Platform change and ETA

David made this Post on 2016年06月06日, 2:26 JST | Category: Default
And at the very, very, VERY last minute, we had to change BlockForm's platforms.
It is not going to be released on a Wii U, nor on a 3DS.
It'll be a New 3DS exclusive game.

Why only for New 3DS?
Developing with Unity for the regular 3DS is possible, but definitely not recommended.
BlockForm lagged in many levels on the regular 3DS, while it runs smoothly on a New 3DS.

The Wii U version on the other hand became way too smooth.
So smooth, it started to become difficult to even control the main character.

What about the release date?
I can't promise an exact date, because the game still needs to go through Nintendo's Lotcheck first.
However, we aim on an end-July or early-August ETA, it can possibly be later than that.

Age ratings?
Yes, we just received age ratings for all western regions now.
Simply said, all ages for all regions.

We have originally planned to ship this game with all 8 languages Nintendo supports in Europe, but BlockForm's amount of text is so minimal, we have decided to release it in English only across the west.

Plans for your next game?
Oh, is it THAT late?!
I have to go, bye!

Nintendo NX: What the media figured out today is what we said for 1.5 years

David made this Post on 2016年06月04日, 1:04 JST | Category: Default
The sentence "WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE NINTENDO NX IS" finally got recognised by the media, 1.5 years later.
However, not our sentence got recognised, but some sentences from other game developers who quoted exactly what we have said for 1.5 years long.
You can find these quotes here.

Quite disappointing to be mis-credited after a lot of effort of de-confirming rumours that only made our eyes roll.
All we wanted to do is protect you from lies.
If we did have access to any NX stuff, we wouldn't say those rumours were true or false, because we don't want to breach the NDA with Nintendo.
But if there's no NDA to breach, we can safely say "don't believe these rumours, they're false" and so we did. Since March 2015.

CW-Games and UltimatePisman at Indievelopment 2016

David made this Post on 2016年05月12日, 18:09 JST | Category: Default

That's right, together with UltimatePisman we will show our game "BlockForm" at the Indievelopment 2016, which will be held at 23 May 2016 in Utrecht, Netherlands.
As usual, we will show the Wii U version.
And for the first time, we will also show the 3DS version.

What's UltimatePisman's role here? Feedbacks!
UltimatePisman doesn't only serve as our gaming news department, it also serves as our PR and testing departments after all.
Anyhow, it's going to be amazing!

For more information about Indievelopment:

New website and BlockForm sneak peak

David made this Post on 2016年04月14日, 1:10 JST | Category: Default
Heh, yet another example on how lazy I am with writing blog posts.
But we have finally moved away from the old CWMSv5 software and switched to KotoPasta 3.0 instead, so much better ey?

We have planned this switch for many months already, but at one point we moved a whole bunch of websites to a new webserver that's using PHP 7, this rendered CWMSv5 unusable. [rm]
Therefore we finally took the effort to actually switch to KotoPasta 3.0!
However, we were unable to port all your comments over, and neither we took an effort to port the forum over.
However, the forum will return after we're done developing "Aku-Chan" (our brand new forum software).

In other news, we have released a little sneak peak of the final* BlockForm build for both 3DS and Wii U platforms.

Nintendo 3DS:

Wii U:

* = Final build excluding the pending bug fixes and polishing.

Unity for New 3DS and Global Game Jam 2016

David made this Post on 2016年02月03日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
We tried Unity for New 3DS and we semi-loved it.
Frame rate is even more perfect than on Wii U and sound works.
However, the graphics are terrible.
This is related to the fact that most build-in Unity shaders don't work with Unity for New 3DS.
Trying to load at least 1 of them will crash the game instantly.
Then skyboxes don't work, then the bottom screen gets somehow duplicated to the top screen.

All with all it's still not a bad engine at all, new apps simply need more work, that has always been the case.

Here's a video if you want to see it for yourself:

It runs fine on an old 3DS, but the graphical issues on a New 3DS are nothing different.

In another news, I have been at the Global Game Jam 2016 event.
In Cologne (Germany) this time.

And these are the final results after 48 hours of hard work last weekend:

Plans for 2016

David made this Post on 2015年12月30日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Long time not posted, so I decided to give a sign of life again.
In this blog post I'll give you a little insight for the coming year.

Phew, what a busy year!
Both games, web applications AND freelance work had to get equal attention, but I feel my biggest focus lied on my freelance work in 2015.
Now at the very last moment of this year, I got lots of inspiration to work on games again.

Heh, I had a dream about a game concept and I couldn't let it go since then.
That's what the unannounced game will be now.

After months of waiting on the Unity and Nintendo teams, BlockForm is finally ready to be released for Wii U.
However, not for New 3DS.
Unity for New 3DS is still not available at this moment and I wanted to release both versions at the same time.
Therefore, we're forced to move our release date to 2016.

Meanwhile, I have given some people at the Tomocon 2015 in Nijmegen (Netherlands) a unique chance to play this game.
I could clearly see the joy in their eyes once they hop on various platforms.
It felt like magic to me, especially after reading the negative comments on the internet about BlockForm.

Now I'm giving you a second chance to try out BlockForm for Wii U: at the GamePit Con 2016 in Arnhem (Netherlands).
GamePit Con will be held on the 16th of January 2015 and the city is easily accessible to both Dutch and German people.

Unannounced game
After many failed relations with game artists, we have all new plans for this one.
We'll be taking about 2 years for this game, meaning we will likely release this game for the upcoming Nintendo NX.
This also means we will come with something mind blowing this time, so no more student projects, prototype ratings or 1 month challenges.

Unlike what the media speculates, no NX dev kits were ever sold to any developers at all, so for now we will make a Wii U version.
Besides Nintendo Co. Ltd, nobody still knows what the NX really is!
Hopefully we can port the game to the NX before we are ready to announce this game.

KotoPasta, HanaPasta and UruPasta
The CMS, forum and webshop software we're creating has nothing to do with games, but it's still one of our running projects.
We're working on these 3 platforms and can easily be merged into 1 platform if desired.
As for KotoPasta (CMS), you can find the source code, documentations and more on my Github account:

Once HanaPasta (forum) will be ready for public use, we will switch away from CWMSv5 DEV-BUILD to KotoPasta/HanaPasta.
So just a little more patience please!
You can get a little preview at UltimatePisman for now.

076 Webs
076 Webs is what will be our 3rd 'department'.
Its main focus is to provide websites to customers, as well as developing new web applications and standards (like the 3 Pasta 'flavours').
You can get a little insight of it here (website is currently in Dutch only): 076 Webs

UltimatePisman will have a big anniversary in 2016: 10 years of YouTube videos!
UltimatePisman is therefore our oldest 'department'.
However, we are currently experiencing serious problems with YouTube:
On exactly 11:00 AM CET every day (including weekends!), 'Nintendo' automatically claims a bunch of our videos for no reason.
Yes, it's 'Nintendo' between single quotes.
That's because I honestly don't believe it really is Nintendo.
It's just YouTube covering their arse under "Nintendo" (double quotes this time).
Just the full automated, each time identical pattern alone already suggests this, but other 'companies' claim our videos too.
Most of those other companies don't even have anything to do with the content of our videos, and yet they all claim at 11:00 CET every day.
Coincidence? Don't make me laugh!
Before it turns into a drama, let me add that we had plans to do Let's Play videos on UltimatePisman, but that would be too unoriginal.
Instead I'm considering to add a series of tutorials on UltimatePisman, about both web programming and game programming.
More of this coming soon.

Global Game Jam 2016
The Global Game Jam will be held from 29 January 2016 till 31 January 2016 all around the world.
Like last year, I will participate one again.
Unlike last year, I will go to a Global Game Jam location in Cologne (Germany).
I was at the location in Breda (Netherlands) last year, but this one is fully booked.

It's yet another opportunity to add yet another game to my portfolio.
(And I guess the only thing Nintendo found funny about this sentence was "Unity".)

Chimpuzzle Pro 2.0
Scrap that one, I don't work on it any more.
I'm really sorry for that and its very long hold up, but Chimpuzzle Pro alone already required me to get permission from my old university.
I asked for permission for 2.0, but I never got a reply since then.
I did work on the level editor part to prepare for a "yes" (or in the case of a "no", I would simply gain more experience).

If I get no reply, I just assume it to be a "no" to avoid complications.
Once again, our apologies.


BlockForm got announced!

David made this Post on 2015年06月15日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hello folks!

Today at E3-week I can proudly announce BlockForm for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS!
You already knew it was coming, but now we came with an official announcement with screenshots and a trailer.
I'll leave writing to the press (they are the talent you want to read), so I'll keep it short.
For that reason: look at the screenshots and video down below!

I created this game in a single month time, but ended up completing it in 2 weeks.
All I need to do now is collecting money for age ratings in all regions.

BlockForm: how to create a full game in 1 month?

David made this Post on 2015年05月30日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Our (way) bigger project is well on its way.
But I took a little break on that one and created something new: BlockForm!

Now what is it?
It's my challenge of creating a full game in only 1 month, all by myself.
Concept is simple, graphics are simple, music was made by someone else, but I promise you'll like it.
The idea is based on a game I once made in a classroom, but gave up because it was too hard to play.

OK, how does it look like?
I took a screenshot of a test level:

I hear you say now: "this shit sucks 'cause bad graphics".
The good news is: the graphics are supposed to be bad!
You can't make good graphics in a single month, can you?

But nonetheless, this screenshot is how the game looks like after 1 week.

So when will this game be released?
Believe it or not, but the answer is: NOT ANYTIME SOON.

Because we are awaiting Unity for New 3DS to become available.
Because the Unity for Wii U version used is a beta.
Because we will need to get age ratings for all regions.
Because the game must get passed Nintendo's checking.
Because I'm always broke.

But how does the game play?
Jokes aside, it goes like this:
The player can only move and jump.
It's supposed to collect all coins to activate the gate, which will trigger the next level.

White blocks have no effect to the player.
Red blocks will make you run faster.
Green blocks make you run slower.
Cyan blocks will make you run faster and slip.
Purple blocks will hurt you.
And you can swim inside blue blocks.

Finally, the ghosts will follow you if you're getting too close and they will hurt you.

BlockForm will be available around the end of 2015 (I hope).

And yes, the game will have saves this time!

Process anno 2015

David made this Post on 2015年05月26日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
I realised I didn't update this blog for a half year now.
Time for an update then.

In the last few months, I haven't been doing so much in general.
In the first 3 months of 2015 I've been working hard on our 3DS game, until I got stuck at the bottom screen.
No idea what I should do with it, in addition to the fact I can't make it properly work through C++.

I hired a composer from the UK, which recently finished creating the entire soundtrack for the game, which sounds awesome!
And I took an artist from the USA in our team, so I'm no longer alone!
But then it was April and I felt like I should give up.

I felt that using Nintendo's development software was too hard for me, but I neither wanted to throw away my long hours of work.
But at that moment, something happened I have never expected to happen: Unity 3D came to the New 3DS!
I've never been this happy before, because now I knew my 3DS game could finally be completed!

I will join in at the Unite 2015 as press (see "UltimatePisman") next month, hope they don't mind a journo using indie dev language.

Chimpuzzle Pro 2.0
Remember this update? I guess so.
Wondering why it's still not there? I can explain.

Later on you'll read about what I have been doing in the last 6 months, but in a nutshell: I've been amazingly busy.
I did almost finish its level editor, but then my Wii U devkit sort of broke, which made me lose motivation to continue on it.
Nonetheless I'm happier than ever to continue on it, but it's not my own game.
It's a student game and received lots of negative feedback.
So my apologies for the ones who hoped on this update.

Looking it from the bright side: writing this blog post made me want to work on it again.
The level editor is likely the hardest thing I have to do, but it's nearly finished.
That said, I should have no excuses to not work on it now.

3DS replaced by New 3DS
As you have read before, Unity 3D will soon arrive for New 3DS systems.
With this, my motivation to use Nintendo's proprietary software has stopped in favour of Unity 3D.
However, the Unity 3D engine will only work on New 3DS (and New 3DS XL or LL), meaning we will no longer deliver games on the old 3DS systems.
Nintendo's proprietary software got hacked any way, not to mention that New 3DS-only software are still not pirate-able.

We already had a game planned for the Nintendo 3DS right? We moved it to the New 3DS now.
And of course we will use some of the new features as well.
I already made the C-stick work in C++, which should work with the Circle Pad Pro too.
Amiibo support has been planned for this too, but we won't disclose how we will implement it yet.

Wii U is back
Ignoring the fact my Wii U devkit broke, I still changed my mind on the Wii U.
I no longer had a feeling I would ever make a Wii U game again, but now I wanted to make a little game for both systems.

This little game should come to the New 3DS and Wii U somewhere at the end of 2015 or start of 2016.
I would warn you in advance: if you love stories, graphics, orchestrated music, etc., this game will NOT be for you.
Instead, I'll leave assets as simplistic as possible for this game and concentrate purely on gameplay instead.
This game is meant to be made in only one month and only by me.
However, by the time Unity 3D for New 3DS will be accepted for game releases and by the time the game goes through all the necessary bureaucracy, the game will probably be released in December 2015 at its earliest possible date.
But let's take March 2016 to be sure.

This was my main activity in the last 6 months: web development.
I have created a forum software (YaFS) and contributed to somebody else's blog software (YaBS) (which is now my ownership because she sold it to me).
I initially wanted to replace all current CWMSvN (N = any number) powered websites, but I figured CW-Games runs better on CWMSv5, as well as the other sites running a version of CWMS (like Antazorg, Mondzorg Oostburg, Agnes Zorg, etc.).

I will continue working on YaBS and YaFS while waiting for a Unity release for New 3DS.
When that time comes, I'll surely concentrate more on game development.

What I've also been doing is experimenting with Android.
I finally dove into the unknowns and it made me hooked to it.
So much, I figured it might be a good idea to make tiny games for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, in addition to the bigger games for Wii U and New 3DS.

Of course our phone games will be cheaper than our future console games, we still believe that content decides the price of the game.

And the last bit I will talk about is UltimatePisman.
I've been into games journalism since December 2010, all thanks to Nintendo Benelux.
When I became a game developer for Nintendo platforms, I decided to take distance from games journalism.
But I didn't realise I still enjoy making gameplay videos of 3DS games.
Besides that, I really missed my old privileges at Gamescom.
So I felt I would need to get back into this business.
Though I will not do it as big as I used to do.
So instead of providing as much PR news as possible in multiple languages, I have limited it to a video series called "eShop wednesday".
Read more about it here.

It may sound as much more work, but I can take it.
As long as I keep to my easy-going schedule, I'll be alright.


In our opinion: why should devs avoid Xbox One

David made this Post on 2014年12月08日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Before you say anything, we have nothing against the Xbox One (it's actually wonderful as a console).
While the Xbox One is more of a gamers' console, it's definitely no developers console.
In this blog post I'll explain why.

1. Microsoft needs to know EVERYTHING
At Nintendo we have the freedom to make whatever we want to make, but Microsoft still has a concept approval process.
Or rather, API approval process.
You must specify exactly what you want to use (online, Xbox LIVE, Kinect, etc.), for what and a little summary of the games' story.

And unless you're a big AAA developer or unless you have something realistic in mind, your concept will NOT be approved!
This seems like a small issue, until you consider...

2. No approval = no dev kit and no SDK
At Nintendo you can buy a dev kit + SDK immediately and keep it for as long as your company got approved.
At Microsoft you have to borrow a dev kit for a limited time and you can only get this + SDK if your concept got approved.
But even if it gets approved, you'll need to keep in mind that...

3. Dev kits always out of stock
This is the main problem:
No approval = no dev kit + no SDK, but also: approval + no dev kits in stock = no SDK.
So however you look at it, you simply won't be able to work on your game.
Don't stress on this too much, it's nothing compared to...

4. Weeks of response time
What I really hate is when I ask a question and get my answer a few days later.
However, it takes Microsoft WEEKS or even MONTHS to respond to your question, making Microsoft the slowest company ever.
I understand you're busy and you need to serve a lot of people, Nintendo is and has to too and they manage to come back to me within a 1 or 2 hours.
I've been registered with them since last spring (read: three forth of this year passed by) and STILL nothing I can work on.
Every time I get a (bi-)monthly newsletter, I go like "oh yeah, I'm a registered Xbox One developer".

Oh well, I don't care about Xbox One development since summer and I don't believe in it since the same summer.
So if you're really into console development, go for Nintendo instead, they've got everything organised in a zillion times better way.

Process made so far

David made this Post on 2014年11月24日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Long time not posted, so I decided to give a sign of life again.
In this blog post I'll explain you what we did in the last few months.

From this point I'll refer "us" to "me" and vice versa.
Why? Because I became a totally solo developer. No help from staff, no help from freelancers.
If you're a new indie developer, you will always lack both money and skills.
Nintendo has been a really awesome helper and they still are, but nobody else wants to help.
If you have no money, nobody is willing to work for you.
But on the bright side, it does motivate me to gain skills in everything.

Additionally, we have stopped making Wii U games, as we switched entirely to the 3DS.
The Chimpuzzle Pro update will be the last thing we will do on the Wii U (see below).

3DS development is hard, but rewarding.
Sometimes it was so hard, I was considering to return to Unity and Wii U.
But each time I did, I thought "no, I WILL come with a 3DS game".
Eventually I found out how similar all the coding is.
Now I only use Unity to create quick tests, before I implement them on the 3DS.
This is because Unity is just a matter of coding and pressing the "Play" button.
The 3DS at the other hand is fully programming, compiling, building, linking and testing.
It's really time consuming.
I sometimes even end up doing nothing for 10 minutes because of that.
Not because the game is super huge already, it's because of the read/write speed of my HDD.
So in 12 months 1 quick test could easily end up taking 30 minutes, excluding testing.

Chimpuzzle Pro 2.0
Time to announce Chimpuzzle Pro 2.0!
This is not a new game (which explains the lack of game page).
Instead, this will be a big update, provided for free to all Chimpuzzle Pro owners.
We will provide 25 levels more, a level editor, bug fixes and changes based on reviews.

But in reality, I had nearly no time to work on it.
I did start working on the level editor and it already works nice.
The problem is, I'm as well fully concentrating on Nintendo 3DS game development (see below).
This causes me to forget about Chimpuzzle Pro.
I didn't drop it entirely, I'm just super busy nowadays.

Nintendo 3DS game
Although I still can't disclose much details, I can already mention that it:
- Is a game for Nintendo 3DS.
- Will make use of New 3DS improvements.
- Is a 3D platformer, meant to replace Flavoured Cats.
- Will be entirely made by myself (with a very few exceptions).

The game is still in early development stages and it takes my entire attention.
I will probably not even announce it until at least late 2015.
I don't want to fuck it up this time.

CWMSv5 didn't make any progress at all in the last few months.
It has the same reason as Chimpuzzle Pro 2.0.
The site is no priority any more.
An upcoming company (Yamisoft) already used some components from CWMSv5.
Based on these components, they have created their own blog software (and soon more apps).
I already had a quick demo of it and this soon unmotivated me in building CWMSv5.
As I saw, it works much better than CWMSv5 already and it's much more professionally coded.
I might replace CWMSv5 by that blog software once it comes out though.


Chimpuzzle Pro's release date is now 100% the 18th!

David made this Post on 2014年09月04日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Today we had muffins at the office, because Nintendo has fully approved Chimpuzzle Pro for
That said, the release date of the 18th of September 2014 has now become 100% sure!

This means that you'll see it appear at the eShop, on Miiverse, on Nintendo of Europe's websites
and eventually on Nintendo of Europe's Facebook/Twitter account on or before the release date.
We will supply optional review codes to all our people on the press list either tomorrow or next
week, as we still don't have any at hand at the moment.

Additionally, we can re-confirm that we will not claim nor copyright strike any Chimpuzzle Pro
videos anybody publishes, as long as they are not available on our UltimatePisman YouTube channel
(or in other words, as long as you created your videos).
Any form of opinion is welcome to us.

That's all.

It's the final de-lay (not countdown)

David made this Post on 2014年07月31日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
18 september is the final date, due to the check and registration time.
We're very sorry about that, we had to because Nintendo wouldn't be ready otherwise.
Looking it from the bright side: we know it for the next game releases.
Just don't plan any release dates before lot check, or you need to piss off your customers.

Time matters: Chimpuzzle Pro

David made this Post on 2014年07月15日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Al right folks.
Chimpuzzle Pro is almost here.
However, USK is still rating the game at this moment and it takes some time to pass Nintendo's
checks and other shizzle too.
For this reason we have to move the European release date 3 weeks ahead: 21 August 2014.
I hope this will be the very, very last delay now.
Please be reminded that we don't do this for our pleasure.
It's our first console game after all.

And lesson learned: do NOT reveal release dates unless everything is 100% sure.
Australian release will follow after the ACB classification and we are still looking for
publishing partners for American and Japanese releases.

And for the press: review codes will be available after Nintendo's lot check is complete.
By default we will distribute the codes to the people on our press list first.
Our press list is very small right now, so make sure you contact us before it's too big for all of you to receive one.

How to play Chimpuzzle Pro? We explain

David made this Post on 2014年07月10日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
So Rhiannon explains how to play Chimpuzzle Pro and she as well explains some confusing aspects
we noticed with many people at the Casual Connect Europe event in Amsterdam back in February.

New job listings available

David made this Post on 2014年05月27日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
And note the "new" part.
Because we have literally added a new job: publisher!

In addition, we have made our criteria's more harsh this time around.
This is to prevent yet another failed announcement or suddenly dying people.

We are looking for:
- Publisher: Japan
- Publisher: Americas
- Publisher: Australia/Oceania

- Programmer: Engine/middleware
- Programmer: Optimisation

- Visual Artist: Characters
- Visual Artist: Properties
- Visual Artist: GUI

- Composer: Background Music
- Composer: Sound Effects

Just contact us to apply.
Click here to view all job listings.

QA, PR and design jobs will appear at a later point (when needed).

Hobbyists: have a quality game? Release it on Wii U!

David made this Post on 2014年05月19日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hello everyone!

Are you a Nintendo fan? And are you a free-time Unity game developer too?
Let's help each other!
We introduce you Wii R 4 U!
With this brand new service, we will take your completed hobby project and put it on the Wii U!

Your game must be awesome however.
In return you will be paid too!
With this we will help Nintendo save their console, help you earn money and help ourselves earn money!
Look, everyone happy!
Make sure you check out this page first!

That's all.

Moshi moshi, Nihon ni CW-Games desu

David made this Post on 2014年04月30日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Starting today, our Japanese fans can call CW-Games on local costs!
Japanese language support is very limited at the moment, but we are still working on being able to speak Japanese properly.
For more information:

That's all.

Flavoured Cats stops and gets a 3DS replacement

David made this Post on 2014年04月01日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Flavoured Cats was announced at a way too early stage, we all agree on it.
Looking on how the Xbox One performed, it'll be almost impossible to make people change their opinions about this game.
Besides, we lost Yamilla (it was her idea) and Randy (it was his art) from our team.
Both disappearances remain a mystery.

Moving on to the point, we have shut down Flavoured Cats for exactly these 2 reasons (loss of people and reputation).
In return, we will be making a similar game for the Nintendo 3DS, this time with a way better look and feel.
For this project, we will take at least 2 years the time (so it can be even more if needed).
And we will make this project with more people.

At this moment, I still exist as the programmer and Brentalfloss still exists as the composer.
And we got a new level designer/artist: Skelux.
Skelux is known for creating Super Mario: Star Road, his level design/art skills are amazing.
We will probably select more people to work on it, as we promise to make this game big (and maybe even cartridge worthy).

This time we will no longer let people do the entire picture, we will now give people a specific task instead.

In the coming few years, you can expect the following positions:
- Blaveloper (game)
- (game)
- (engine)
- (engine)
- (engine)

- Skelux (level)
- (level)
- (characters)
- (characters)
- (characters)
- (characters)
- (props)
- (props)
- (props)
- (GUI)
- (GUI)

- Brentalfloss (music)
- (music)
- (sound effects)
- (voice)
- (voice)
- (voice)
- (voice)



This means 33 people!

* = requires 3DS devkit + 3DS developer license. Non-propietary game engine may possibly be used.
** = only for people living in the Netherlands or Belgium.

Our next Wii U must use everything the GamePad offers

David made this Post on 2014年02月24日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
So many Wii U games already got released, so many are yet to come. But I'm wondering, how many of them use every single feature of the Wii U GamePad? Good question.

With Chimpuzzle Pro coming, we already have a Wii U game that uses the GamePad more than the average Wii U game. Flavoured Cats at the other hand provides a full AAA-like download-only game from Indies. But what if the Wii U would ever get a game that uses everything the GamePad has to offer? That would be our next task.

Theoretically we could add them to Chimpuzzle Pro too, but that will delay the game yet again. We believe people got tired of it being delayed multiple times. With the main concept for Flavoured Cats already set, we have no room for such features in the latter game neither.

This is future talk, but it's an important future. Without this piece of future, the Wii U will remain doomed. But I can explain what I mean already.

The Wii U has a touch screen, 2 totally different game cameras can be rendered, you can push the analogue sticks, you can use NFC tags on it, you can enable 3D on the TV screen, you can make a 3DS and Wii U communication, you can use Miiverse in-game, you can scan QR codes, you can even use all Wii and Wii U accessories in Wii U games. I am probably even missing some stuff.

Don't want to believe me? Take a close look on your Wii U. What do YOU think you can do with it? A Wii U is nothing more than a box. A box that didn't get fully unwrapped after more than a year now. Once developers unwrap this box, it will sell well. But for now, most developers don't take the risk and stay with the known instead.

Long story short: we will unwrap the box as soon as Flavoured Cats becomes a complete game. But before the time comes, we will come with a concept. I'm sure you will be surprised.

Casual Connect Europe; 2014 outlines

David made this Post on 2014年02月21日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
A half year ago we were at a rather small game event, felt too tired to write a thing and in the end we forgot this blog exists. But we are back with a blog so you know we are not dead.

Halfway February was the Indie Game Showcase (or Casual Connect Europe) in our home country: the Netherlands. During the two days we were available, we have allowed other people to play Chimpuzzle Pro. It was a fantastic experience, because not only we found out this game is still not bug free, we also know the strong points and weak points of the game.

Starting with the strong points, people liked it a lot and found the game very unique. The weak point is that it has a high difficulty level, this was clearly visible. Even after explaining the controls nobody seemed to understand it. Out of the many people who played it, only a very few people got passed level 2. Out of those people, only one person passed level 2 without any help.

Other than the difficulty level, we received a couple of tips to improve the game. We would expect it should be all about the graphics but instead of that we got tips about the features. We will sure use these tips and follow them, like we always did.
Moving forward to our plans for 2014: This was all we had to say, have a nice day.

Flavoured Cats delayed with a good reason; Chimpuzzle Pro at Indie Prize Showcase

David made this Post on 2014年01月28日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
As you already know, Flavoured Cats is coming to the Wii U.
Once again, we want to thank the internet for the feedback it received.
We have delayed the said game to somewhere in 2015, meaning we have a lot more time for improvement.

As we speak, the graphics get a complete revamp, as well as the level design.
We indeed want to provide you great experience and especially since we just started making commercial
games we want to ensure to receive a positive reputation at launch.

In another news, Chimpuzzle Pro will be publicly playable for the first time on 11-13 February 2014
at the Indie Prize Showcase in Amsterdam (Netherlands).
We will have 1 Wii U available with the game on it, so make sure you get to our stand soon.
(To be honest, I don't know where our stand will be located yet).
Chimpuzzle Pro is set to release in July 2014.
The release date is planned far enough to prevent any further delays.
Our stand is trilinual (English, Dutch, Polish).
The playable demo will have a few specially selected levels for you to try out.

Feedback Test on Flavoured Cats was a success

Yamilla made this Post on 2014年01月10日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
In the past few days, we have announced Flavoured Cats.
We all agree Flavoured Cats is real, but did you know these Screenshots are early?
If you wonder why we release such early stuff to you, which is unusual to Developers, I'll explain

Why do you announce stuff early?
As we all know from most Developers, they announce their games during the late Beta Stage.
We decided to not do that, and announce it during the early Beta Stage.
This is because we want to see how gamers respond to it.
Within one single night, gamers have responded on sites like GoNintendo, N1ntendo, Tiny Cartridge,
NintendoLife, just to name a few.

Reading the Comments, it's clear the Graphics look horrible, and the Cat looks strange.
This is exactly we want to read, because we can still make changes based on that.

So, how does it make things better?
We often check other sites for Feedback, because on non-official sources, gamers are usually more
honest there, than on official sources.
If we find many people complain about the Graphics Style, for example, we know we have to rework
the Graphics Style.
However, none of the sites tell us exactly how they actually want to have it, so we'll put more
Screenshots Online in the coming months, and try to determine what appeals best to most gamers.

So, how do you think? Deal or not?

Meet our first Franchise: Sophie the Cat in Flavoured Cats

Yamilla made this Post on 2014年01月06日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Flavoured Cats Logo

You probably saw two Videos of this game already, but did you know these were far from Final?
That's right, Chimpuzzle (Pro) is not a Franchise.
Instead, meet Sophie the Cat and her first debut in: Flavoured Cats!

Flavoured Cats is highly inspired by Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 3D Land, with a very cute touch.
But don't drool to much over it, a game as cute as this one, hides a pure evil story!
We try to aim on both, male and female Super Mario fans, all over the world, and should deliver a similar experience too!

For Screenshots (click to enlarge):
Flavoured Cats Screenshot Flavoured Cats Screenshot Flavoured Cats Screenshot Flavoured Cats Screenshot

For the Press:

Bouncing Mushrooms at Google Play Store

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年12月16日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi, while YouTube is becoming high after getting to much mushrooms for breakfast, one week ago, we had to come up with an alternative to YouTube Videos, to get funded for our core business.
Suddenly, I've got an idea: We make smaller games, and put them on iOS and Android!
But no worries, our real work still resides exclusively in the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U market, but we hope to succeed this little
Smaller games fund bigger games, because why not?

We started off with Bouncing Mushrooms.
It's already available for PC, Mac, and Linux, but I made it a bit more crazy for Android, and soon iOS too.
We only made it available for Android for now, to see how people would appreciate this kind of stuff.
It's worth 1 Euro per download, we actually would make the price even lower, but that won't fund anything at all (70/30 split with Google/Apple, meaning we actually get 70 Cents from every download).
Screenshot of Play Store.

You can get a copy from here!

Brent sings his way to CW-Games

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年12月12日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there!

Today, Brent (aka, Brentalfloss) joined the CW-Games Team as a freelance sound guy.
Brent is the first overseas member of our Dev Team.
He is as well looking for multiple challenges, so if you're a Developer, and you're reading this, make sure you hire him too:


A summary of November 2013

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年12月02日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi again, it's the best month of the year already.
I mean, Birthdays, Christmas, Sinterklaas (for a part of Europe), Thanksgiving (for America), and
But for today, I'll talk about last month.

The first Chimpuzzle game got re-released to Mac and Linux.
UltimatePisman will no longer support Console games, it now turned into a Handheld-only Channel.

Well, that's's not much for November.


Did you know monkeys love eating apples, and hugging penguins too?

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年11月24日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
The 'original' Chimpuzzle has been available for Windows for a while.
I just Ported it to Mac and Linux, so now all PC Gamers can enjoy it, before Chimpuzzle Pro hits your Wii U.
Keep in mind that this Version is unmodified from the Windows Version, which means it does not contain any changes found in
Chimpuzzle Pro for Wii U.
Just like the Windows Version, the Mac and Linux Versions are now available for free.
Get them all here, now!

Under the tech: CWMSv5

David made this Post on 2013年11月23日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Yamilla is working on CWMSv5 all the time she is not working on video games.
I work on it part time, but she is working on it full time.
Here is a simple Q&A sessions I had with this female mastermind.

What do you want to achieve with CWMSv5?
First thing that comes in my mind is, extra skills.
When I started working on it for CW-Games only, I thought, I could make an All-In-One solution too!
At the moment, CW-Games runs a Dev Copy of CWMSv5.
By the way, you pronounce it as "Seewims Version Five", I found it a cute name.

How do the past versions (CWMSv1, CWMSv2, etc.) look for you now?
By the time I worked on them, I was proud, but now I find them complete crappy.
CWMSv1, to start with, never had "v1" behind it, it was meant to be the CWSL Version of HTML.
Nothing more.
CWMSv2 was made a bit my dynamic, because I was to lazy to edit the Menus in every single file.
That one used PHP Code for the first time, although it was just "Include" and "Require".
CWMSv3 was meant as a School Project, to make an as original looking site as possible.
It looked like Mac OS X, got the best mark (10/10), and it ended up never being finished.
CWMSv4 was the first CMS System used at CW-Games, it had all what was required for a CMS.
This means a Blog, Forum, CMS System, and Admin Panel, it was meant to be as light as possible.
CWMSv5 will be the most complete free CMS solution that was ever made, with ease of use in mind.

Rating your last sentence, it looks like you want to publish it for everyone?
Lol, yes.
In the first place, it was meant for our Service Customers only, like Antazorg and Mondzorg Oostburg.
But then I wanted to commercially release it, when it was done.
But now I see asking money for CWMSv5 is a bad idea, because it's impossible to be a concurrent of other commercial CMS, Forum,
Blog, whatever system.
While these systems are only one specific thing, they are as complete as they can be, and much, much easier to use.
So for this reason, I'll release the whole thing under BSD License.
This means people can do anything with it they want, without any consequences.
Also, expect a great looking Default Theme, which allows a Web Designer to turn CWMSv5 into any shape they want!

You already have a CMS, blog and forum. Do you plan on adding more stuff to it?
I have planned to include a Wiki (like Wikipedia), File Manager (like MediaFire), eCommerce, Code Explorer, Bug Tracker, and Chat
Modules to it.
Eventually, I'll turn the Forum and Blog into Modules as well.
All Modules will be optional downloads, which means you don't need to use them.
So for example, if you want to use CWMSv5 as a Forum only, just download the Core System and Forum, install them, and there you
have it!
The best thing is, you can install Modules at any given time, so if you feel like you want to have a Wiki later on, just download the
Wiki, Upload the files, run the Installer once again, and it's there.
However, you'll only need to add it to a Menu yourself.

Do you have any ETA on the final product?
No, I want to complete everything first, and the list of features is only growing.
After that, I'll launch a separate Website for just CWMS stuff, invite people to test stuff, and report as many Bugs as possible.
An Open-Beta, basically.
I've already moved all of it there, but it's not accessible outside of the CW-Games Office, that's why it looks like CW-Games stopped
Don't be mistaken, because once everything is complete, all the improvements will pop up here at once.

Do you plan supporting custom plugins?
No, I have no room and no time for this.
But since CWMSv5 will come out under the BSD License, plus since the Code is short and easy to understand, I encourage other
people to change CWMSv5 to their own likings, including a Custom Plugin System.
Keep in mind that at the moment, CWMSv5 doesn't use any Framework, all Code was made by me in Nano (a Command Line Text
Editor for Linux).
Also, all I did was written on the Server, so every change was visible right away.

Thanks a lot for your time, Yami.
So it's a completely free and open-source application that includes everything you should use separately.
Kick away your WordPress + SMF + MediaWiki + osCommerce + Disqus installations, CWMSv5 is coming!
What do you think? You want or need an all-in-one CMS or not?
Comment below.

A summary of October 2013

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年11月04日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there, I'm 4 days late (yay?), but it's better to be late than making it never happen.

Just like every month, October was filled with Events.
I start off with CWMSv5, I paused it for a while, because making it to the new Deadlines is more important.
All what's left, are some minor (but important) Forum stuff, and major Profile stuff.
I can confirm now, CWMSv5 will be yet another private CMS release.

Chimpuzzle Pro got improved a lot, most notably at the GamePad Screen.
Unfortunately, we were unable to provide better Graphics, but at least you'll love the Gameplay.
We are now waiting for funds to finalise some (boring) legal stuff.

Another Wii U Project is running, and still processing really fast, and now reached its Alpha Milestone, meaning it's now in its Beta
I can't say more about it.

Also, we almost acquired a Nintendo 3DS Game Engine, we hope to receive it today, so we can finally start building the first Nintendo
3DS Prototype.
Until now, we have been roughly thinking about a decent Concept, which is really hard these days, with so many games already out.

In a nutshell, CWMSv5 got paused, Chimpuzzle Pro awaits funds., the next Wii U Project is now on Beta, and Nintendo 3DS Game
Engine almost acquired for a Nintendo 3DS Project.

Have a nice day, Yami out.

Phone support is now available in Australia

David made this Post on 2013年11月02日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hello peeps.

As you already know, we already offer phone support in Europe and the USA
for a while.
I am proud to announce our phone support has finally reached Australia too!
Just like Europe and USA phone numbers, the Oz phone number reaches the exact same destination: our office in the Netherlands.
This means once again that only I (David) am available at phone support, while Yamilla still handles email support.
By this we have covered the whole western world, except for Canada.

Fun fact: every phone number we have has a structure of "region code" #02 ##72.

For more information:

CWMSv5 Day 5

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年10月23日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there.

It's a bit early today, because I was done sooner than expected.

Own Comments
We have finally implemented our own Comment System.
It was cancelled at last-minute, I don't know why, it was easy to do it!

Smilies got implemented in the Comments.

BBCodes got implemented in the Comments.

Auto Enter
Automatic Enters got implemented in the Comments.


CWMSv5 Day 4

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年10月22日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there.

It's time for a more generic Title, from now on.
Not much work was done today, it was basically mostly about Design and Moderator Tools.

Forum History
Now you can check out the Forum History of users.
At the moment, it only checks for who started a Thread, and who Posted there last.
In-Thread coming soon.

Member List Styling
Now the Member List is complete.
Just like yesterday, Login is required to see it.

Signature Limit
Signature is now limited to 255 Characters.
There are issues with it in Opera, however.

Moderator Tool: Lock/Open
Previously available while Posting, but from now on, a Staff Member is no longer required to make a Post, just to Lock a Thread.

Moderator Tool Move
Threads can now be moved to other sections.

Improved Layout
I've adjusted the Layout of the Messages a bit, so they no longer align with the bottom of your Avatar.

Bye, tomorrow's focus will be on Comments, and the Blog in general.

It's official: CWMSv5 is in the builds! Day 3

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年10月21日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi yet again.

First, I'd like to announce the fact, that all the improvements I'm giving to this site got Approved, meaning we have CWMSv5 in the
At the beginning of June, we already announced CWMSv4 was our
most advanced CWMS Version yet, but we are taking a huge step further than that now in CWMSv5.
While CWMSv4 was aimed to have an as lightweight as possible site, it was still not user-friendly for non-technical people, neither
the front-end, nor the back-end.
In CWMSv5, we're going to finally change that.
However, it's still not said we will publicly release CWMSv5 (even though that would be fantastic). uses a heavily modified Version of CWMSv4, which I rather call CWMSv4.5, or CWMSv4 UP Edition.
Okey, enough about this, go for the Changelog, it's quite a lot today.

Update Forum Tabs w/Profile
Surprise! Yesterday, I implemented a workaround to save User Data on the Forums, by passing it to the Replies and Topics Tables.
It's no longer needed, and receives all the information from the Users Table instead now.
This means better performance, and more accuracy at the same time.
That's just Win Win!
Member Lists
When you Login to the site, you'll now see a Member List in the User Bar, displaying all our Members at once. However, it still needs
some styling.
Member Profiles
As promised, we now got Member Profiles.
As you can see, it's still not 100% Bug-free, but we're still working on it.

Disallow Banned
A new Usergroup, Banned, disallows reading the Forums at all.
Coming to Profiles soon.
A small list of BBCodes have been implemented, including Bold, Italics, Underscore, Strike, and Image.
More is still coming.
We have now split all Replies over Pages of 10 Posts each, fully automatic.
The TS (short for Topic Starter) will always be on top.
TS Colour
Speaking of TS, the TS has now a different colour from the rest of the Thread.
You can now use Avatars on the Forums.
Actually, over the entire site!
Just Apply ones, and you'll be able to use it everywhere (support for Comments, as soon as we implement our own system for that).
You can now make own Signatures.
Be aware, there's currently no limit on it, but if your Signature messes everything up, we will take it off!
Post Count
Post Counts are now displayed, counted, etc.
Gender Colours
And finally, based on your set Gender, your Username will be displayed in a specific colour. Girls are pink, boys are blue, and
unknowns are purple.

Blog is now automatically separated in Pages, by 10 Posts each.


Day 2 of Website Development; still not there

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年10月20日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi again!

During this whole day, I've been gathering a shitload of ideas for this site, and maybe I can make it so complete, we can finally
release our CWMSv4 CMS to the General Public in the near future!
Anyway, my main focus today was on the Forums, some of the features I've suddenly invented went through right away.

The first thing I did, was implementing Locked Threads, so people can no longer Post in a Locked Thread, while a Staff Member can
easily Lock a Thread.
At the moment, Staff Members can't Unlock a Thread yet, but that's just a matter of moving some stuff around.
Next, I've finally implemented something that's essential to every single Forum Software, while we didn't have yet: Smilies.
All Smilies are taken from AcmlmBoard XD, and thus they all work the same as on the said Forum Software.
The next thing I did, was making the whole CMS add a New Line automatically.
That's right, no more HTML Tags for this required!
Taking a break of the Forums, I finalised Profile Editing.
More customisations coming soon.
And finally, I returned to the Forums to re-style it, so it all looks clearer than before.


Site improvements, still working on them

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年10月19日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there,

It's Sunday, meaning there is nothing to do in Game Development.
But I didn't sleep, and decided to make this site even better instead.

First of all, you can now register to our site, which is now required for our Forum.
Speaking of Forums, Guests can no longer make Posts, only registered Members can, and now you can easily recognise the Staff by looking at the "(CW-Games)" mark after their names.
Other people have the "(Customer)" mark instead.
And finally, which is currently in progress, you can also edit your Profile a bit.

Now you might ask, where is my Profile?
It's not implemented yet, but it's coming as soon as possible.
In addition, our first plans to implement an own Comments System, which we cancelled and replaced it by a 3rd Party Plugin, got back on the list of improvements, and will come soon.

Happy Gaming!

Chimpuzzle Pro wishes? Tell us!

David made this Post on 2013年10月08日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hello, it's David from CW-Games.
We got a few wishes from customers and ourselves before we release Chimpuzzle Pro, but it looks like we'll be done with all of them in no-time.
For this reason, it's time to play a little game.
Yamilla called this game the "Challenge The Developer" game.

The rules are simple:
If you have a suggestion for Chimpuzzle Pro, put them in the comments below.
We will then pick the suggestions that are reliable to do and put them in.
Simple as that.

This is the list of wishes we want to add during this 2 months delayed release:
- Better speed (assigned to Yamilla, completed).
- Better graphics (assigned to Randy, in consideration).
- Level editor (assigned to Yamilla, nearly finished).
- Expand to 40 levels (assigned to David, in the works).
- Random level generator (assigned to Yamilla, pending).

By the way, we won't do any form of multiplayer for two reasons:
1. Networking is unsupported in Unity for Wii U.
2. Local multiplayer requires two GamePads to be used.

That's all peeps.

Randy takes his first steps to CW-Games

David made this Post on 2013年10月01日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Ey guys, this is David.
We have just welcomed Randy to our team.
We already did that last week, but it was not officially done yet.

Randy is our visual artist and composer now, he currently studies at a game development university nearby and he can program too.
But he will only make art and audio for us and was very enthusiastic about that too.

That's all I wanted to tell you guys, have a nice day.

A summary of September 2013

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年09月30日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Oh wow, it's October already!

A lot happened in September.
The Development of Syobon's Action 3D has definitely quit, continue making it isn't worth the trouble anymore.
We have decided to stop making Syobon's Action 3D, because it's not original, stood in the way of other more interesting Projects, and we can't release it on any Nintendo platform, because of its Design being similar to Mario.
We have decided to extend the release of Chimpuzzle Pro, so we can make it even better than it already is, and at the same time, get more time for the legal paperwork to be complete.
We really wanted to release it during Christmas, but time was short, tasks were huge, so we had to balance both of these first.
Furthermore, the 2 unannounced Projects are doing it well, the one for Wii U needs some Art, and we can announce it, but the one for 3DS still needs a lot of work, because we take a long time for it on purpose.
The 3DS Project has to be our first Cartridge + eShop release, so all we want to do is do beyond our best.

Besides that, we welcomed a new Visual Artist to CW-Games.
This person will come for an Intake this arvo, I'm excited to hear about the results.
If he gets definitely accepted, we will announce his existence here, we promise.

So in a nutshell, Syobon's Action 3D got a total stop, Chimpuzzle Pro got extra time for improvement, 2 other Projects are doing fine, and a new Artist is incoming.

Anyway, Yami out.

Chimpuzzle Pro Trailer #1

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年09月30日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi again, here is the Trailer, as promised!

Chimpuzzle Pro got delayed until February 2014

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年09月30日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there, it's Yami again.
Chimpuzzle Pro got delayed from 26 December 2013 to February 2014.
It has a few reasons, and are:
1. The functions we have scrapped are going to be implemented after all, so the game will be even better.
2. More Levels we want to Design for it, which means longer joy.
3. Age Ratings are still evils we have to buy, because no Age Rating means no Wii U Release.
4. We need to finalise our deal in America, because we still have to.

December was a to short time, but February should give us enough time to have these 4 points done.
Stay tuned on this site, because in 2 hours, you can expect the first Chimpuzzle Pro Trailer.

Chimpuzzle Pro is heading for Christmas

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年09月21日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there all, it's Yami again.
Chimpuzzle Pro is heading on 26 December 2013, exactly during Christmas, to Europe, Australia, and the Americas, exclusively for Wii U.
In case you don't know what Christmas is, it's some Christian holiday, filled with food, presents, and lots of trees.
Of course you can't eat a game, but you can give your best mates a simple Indie game for Christmas, and Chimpuzzle Pro is the one you want to give.
If you don't, what's wrong with you? That's what Reggie said.

For the people wondering, we won't bring the game out in Japan.
While we understand Japanese people are most likely to play this game, we also have to admit that all the text have been embedded to images, which an Artist of the original Chimpuzzle did.
It won't be doable to change the text on them, that's why the game is available in English only.
However, our support is still provided in English, Dutch, and Polish.

Yamilla re-joins the party, but on a lower end basis

David made this Post on 2013年09月12日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
CW-Games has re-invited Yamilla Hoshi to come back to CW-Games again, but on a lower end basis.
She is no longer a project leader or something, just a programmer who does what she has to do.
This way she can still work with us, while not having access to any big stuff.
Re-joining CW-Games also means re-joining UltimatePisman, although all the changes we noted down last time still remain.

Thanks again for your time.

Yamilla got fired from CW-Games

David made this Post on 2013年09月05日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
CW-Games was fired Yamilla Hoshi today.
At the moment CW-Games operates as a 1 person company.
The following changes will take place:
- CW-Games: Twitter account will be used a lot more.
- CW-Games: Future projects will not include credits to Yamilla, Chimpuzzle Pro will still be shipped with her credits.
- CW-Games: Syobon's Action 3D has quit.
- UltimatePisman: Future videos will no longer display "Video by" parts in the description, because only I have access to it now.
- UltimatePisman: has discontinued, will be kept to display the channel policy.
- UltimatePisman: No support via comments anymore.

All the other stuff will continue like it was.

Thanks for your time.

A summary of August 2013

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年08月30日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Right, after one month of no News, I thought it would be nice to Post something.

Anyway, I'm Yamilla, that crazy bitch who loves Programming so much, more specifically, games.
We have settled one thing: CW-Games will only make games for Nintendo platforms.
As a result, our interest in continuing on Syobon's Action 3D fell to -40%.
This has multiple reasons, including problems we had with our systems, Team Members that are not contactable lately, more Projects we have to care about, all that type of stuff.
We are not completely sure to cancel the game, continue on for Wii U with many modifications, or just let it go.

Meanwhile, Chimpuzzle Pro is perfectly on track, and it's finished.
We are currently preparing a Trailer, Media Assets, and Press Releases, which we will start releasing after the game gets through the approval process at Nintendo Co. Ltd.
Currently, the game will only come available in Europe and Australia, because Nintendo of Americas Publishing Team is hard to catch up.

We as well created a Road Plan for games we will make throughout 2013 and 2014.
Obviously we won't share it with you, as it's for internal use only.
One thing we can say about that is, all games are either for the Nintendo Wii U, or Nintendo 3DS.
One of these games is already in development, but Chimpuzzle Pro gets Play Tested and Game Tested as we speak, meaning that Project got a break until next month.
This is because we have only one Wii U DevKit, so we can work on only one game at the same time, right?

In a nutshell, Chimpuzzle Pro is on track, and will release at the end of the year in Europe and Australia, Syobon's Action 3D is in consideration, and one of the mystery Projects for 2013/2014 are in the makes.

Anyway, Yami out, and have a nice Weekend.

Syobon's Action 3D Screenshots

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年07月27日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there,

I would like to share some new Screenshots of Syobon's Action 3D with you.
All Screenshots can be found here.

First Chimpuzzle Pro Level shown and controls explained

David made this Post on 2013年07月26日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
As you might have predicted, the first Chimpuzzle Pro level is identical to the first Chimpuzzle level.
The GUI has not been touched yet, but that will come so no worries. :-)
With the required bullshit out of the way, here is the video of the gameplay.

And a quick note about the controls, we have made the controls as understandable as possible.
The D-Pad controls the blocks in Tetris style (left and right to move, up to rotate and down to drop it faster), A and Y buttons move the camera (A moves to the right, Y to the left), and the touch screen is used to pick a block. The + button is the pause screen, like you were used to.
Simple, isn't it?

As usual, just comment if you still have suggestions.
We are all ear.

More contact; extra phone numbers for our USA friends

David made this Post on 2013年07月18日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
As you might know already, we are a company based in The Netherlands and therefore we only accepted phone calls from European countries.
Not anymore!
Starting today, we now accept phone calls from landlines and mobile phones from our mates in the USA, Guam and Puerto Rico.
There is one more problem to fix: we only have a European phone number, which is really expensive for Americans.
Problem solved: we got an extra phone number for them!
For more information, click here.
Note that both numbers call to the same office in The Netherlands, the only difference is that we have fixed compatibility issues between the grounds separated by a hugearse ocean.

Smaller scopes for two games

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年07月18日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there, it's Yami from CW-Games again.
I would like to announce the following:
We have decided to shrink the scope for Syobon's Action 3D and Chimpuzzle Pro.
This will affect the following:
- Syobon's Action 3D will not have more Levels than the original 2D Version, which means only four Levels.
- Chimpuzzle Pro will have 20 Levels, instead of 40. In addition to that, the Mac Version got discontinued, so we can fully focus on the Wii U.

Expect a Chimpuzzle Pro Trailer somewhere within 7 days from this point.
Thanks for your time, that's all you had to know. ()

New Chimpuzzle Pro Artwork for you to spread

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年07月09日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi all, it's Yami from CW-Games.
I'd like to spread some Artwork and Screenshot(s) of our latest game: Chimpuzzle Pro.
If you're from the Press, download the Assets here, and spread the word on your site!
If you're a fan, just download them, and do share impressions with your friends, okay?
If you're a hater, well...I'll show you it's good.

Chimpuzzle Pro will come available at the end of this year, for Nintendo Wii U and Apple OS X.

if (AuthNintendoDev == TRUE)

David made this Post on 2013年07月03日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Ey all, David the CEO from CW-Games speaking.
I am a bit late with announcing this, but it's better to do it later than never.

As of the 1st of July, CW-Games has become authorised Nintendo developers.
However, this swap did affect our way of working a lot.
The first thing we have noticed is that we have no longer the attitude to work on Syobon's Action 3D.
Of course we will still work on it, but that's a W in "MoSCoW" (won't do it for now).

Another impact is, we no longer feel like working for PC/Mac/Linux games at all and switch to the Wii U and 3DS completely.
Don't be afraid, Chimpuzzle Pro will still be released for Mac and Wii U.
Its development has no delay and it won't have any delay.
If you played and enjoyed Chimpuzzle on the PC, do not hesitate to make a suggestion for Chimpuzzle Pro.
Do it before the suggestion box gets closed.

CW-Games @ E3 2013

David made this Post on 2013年06月09日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hello, this is David, the CEO, owner, programmer, producer and designer of CW-Games. While still being in our office in Breda, the actual E3 2013 is up and running in the United States. Now, the time is right to announce something new from our side too.

Cat Mario 3D
First we start with Cat Mario 3D, just because that is our most well known project we have in development. This game will get at least 16 playable Levels with a slightly greater difficulty than the original Flash game. All Levels are selectable from the Main Menu, so you won't need to beat the whole game to play your favourite Level. New to really hard games? Cat Mario 3D will also include a Training Mode, so you can get used to the way this game is played without the worry to die. Boring? We have also included a Challenges Mode, with hard to beat mini Levels, similar to what Nintendo did with New Super Mario Bros. U for the Nintendo Wii U. Finally, the game allows you to adjust the game to your own (audio)visual needs.

Main Game
The main game will include 16 Levels, including the original 4 Levels and another 4 from a later Version. The remaining 8 Levels are brand new. We might have time to work on even more, stay tuned.

Training Mode
The Training Mode is for all people new to the classic Cat Mario traps. The Training Mode gives you the first Level, and provides you a warning every time you get close to a trap. After this Mode, you will return to the Main Menu, so there is nothing to worry about.

Challenges Mode
In this Mode, you will face small tasks or small Levels that are extra challenging. This could include you need to stomp 16 Smiley Faces without hitting the floor, or even beat the entire Level, without touching any solid thing at all. More on Challenges Mode this Autumn.

In the Options Mode, you will be able to adjust the volume of SFX and BGM, trigger Full Screen or Windowed Screen, Wide Screen or Standard Screen, and even get access to the Sound Test, where you can listen to your favourite Cat Mario songs, including the ones we have used during the early stages of development!

In addition to that, we will release a public Beta Demo to you in the Hack Store, so you can enjoy a few of our Levels already. We will release this Prototype, because we will not exhibit on any public Event, and we still want you to enjoy our hard work.

Cat Mario 3D will launch in Q1 2014 for PC, Mac and Linux.

Music Mayhem
While already announced, there is not much known of this game yet. This is a game we have made during our school time. This game is a Beat-em-Up game in a 70's disco. This game contains only one level and only two characters. Music Mayhem will be released on the 5th of July for PC.

Future plans
Of course we have some future plans. While not showing you everything (I'm sorry), we can say we are leaving the PC, Mac and Linux platforms alone for a while. Our next few games will release on Android and iOS, such as the puzzle platformer Triple-P and New Galaxians. When these games are shipped, we will take care of development on the Nintendo Wii U and PlayStation 4, starting with the sequel of Chimpuzzle: More Chimpuzzle. The mobile and console games are all not planned for release yet, these projects will start after Cat Mario 3D is shipped.

That was our somewhat short E3 blog. We would like to see you play our games soon, take care! CW-Games, go home! (Xbox One reference)

Hello, World!

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年06月07日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there, and welcome to the new website of CW-Games.
CW-Games has a broad history of CMS systems we have used, such as Freewebs, WordPress, Invision Power, CWMSv1, CWMSv2, CWMSv3, and much more.
This time around, we have decided to build an entire CMS from scratch, and CWMSv4 is the answer.
Enough talk about the core of the site.

CW-Games has now a new vision on the future, Game Development.
We would like to thank our years long fans we had or still have, as well as our formal staff from the time we were Games Journalists and Hobbyists.
The new CW-Games is a standalone Indie Game Developer, making games for a variety of consoles and/or handhelds.
Our main approach is to make small, yet enjoyable, digital games, found in the Menu above (right below the Logo).
Our next game is Music Mayhem, developed together with the students of IGAD (NHTV Breda).
The said game will release for PC for free on the 5th of July, the day after the Release Party at IGAD.
Another game we have in development, is Cat Mario 3D.
This game is bigger than Music Mayhem, made by a smaller Team.

Refer to our FAQ to know when we can start hiring more people.
For (Press) Contacts, refer to Press and Contact.

By the way, we are as well developing a Forum for this site, so our fan base has an official place to ask questions, ask for help, suggest, drink beer, or just keep the noises in your street muted.

Kind Regards,
Yamilla Hoshi, David Blaszyk, et al