Big announcement on 4 October 2016!

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The 4th of October, that's when our YouTube channel UltimatePisman will celebrate its 10th anniversary on YouTube!
That's correct, UltimatePisman was originally founded on 4 October 2006.
Man, time flies by quick!

And CW-Games will be there to interfere with a special announcement on exactly that day!
It's finally time to show the game we have been promising for over 2 years now.
It will be AWE-SOME!

BlockForm: SURPRISE! Maze levels!

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CW-Games adds PlayStation support

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Hey all!

Until this day, we have been strictly Nintendo-only developers.
Time for a change, because we now also support PlayStation platforms!
And our new game for New Nintendo 3DS AND PS Vita is already in development too!

Game disclosure will happen at a later time, but I can already say: we will provide good graphics AND programming this time, so it's not a gameplay-focused project this time.
But it'll still be developed by just me nonetheless.

FYI: yes, we do have an Xbox One license too, but we don't do anything with it for support reasons.

BlockForm: Platform change and ETA

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And at the very, very, VERY last minute, we had to change BlockForm's platforms.
It is not going to be released on a Wii U, nor on a 3DS.
It'll be a New 3DS exclusive game.

Why only for New 3DS?
Developing with Unity for the regular 3DS is possible, but definitely not recommended.
BlockForm lagged in many levels on the regular 3DS, while it runs smoothly on a New 3DS.

The Wii U version on the other hand became way too smooth.
So smooth, it started to become difficult to even control the main character.

What about the release date?
I can't promise an exact date, because the game still needs to go through Nintendo's Lotcheck first.
However, we aim on an end-July or early-August ETA, it can possibly be later than that.

Age ratings?
Yes, we just received age ratings for all western regions now.
Simply said, all ages for all regions.

We have originally planned to ship this game with all 8 languages Nintendo supports in Europe, but BlockForm's amount of text is so minimal, we have decided to release it in English only across the west.

Plans for your next game?
Oh, is it THAT late?!
I have to go, bye!

Nintendo NX: What the media figured out today is what we said for 1.5 years

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The sentence "WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE NINTENDO NX IS" finally got recognised by the media, 1.5 years later.
However, not our sentence got recognised, but some sentences from other game developers who quoted exactly what we have said for 1.5 years long.
You can find these quotes here.

Quite disappointing to be mis-credited after a lot of effort of de-confirming rumours that only made our eyes roll.
All we wanted to do is protect you from lies.
If we did have access to any NX stuff, we wouldn't say those rumours were true or false, because we don't want to breach the NDA with Nintendo.
But if there's no NDA to breach, we can safely say "don't believe these rumours, they're false" and so we did. Since March 2015.

CW-Games and UltimatePisman at Indievelopment 2016

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That's right, together with UltimatePisman we will show our game "BlockForm" at the Indievelopment 2016, which will be held at 23 May 2016 in Utrecht, Netherlands.
As usual, we will show the Wii U version.
And for the first time, we will also show the 3DS version.

What's UltimatePisman's role here? Feedbacks!
UltimatePisman doesn't only serve as our gaming news department, it also serves as our PR and testing departments after all.
Anyhow, it's going to be amazing!

For more information about Indievelopment:

New website and BlockForm sneak peak

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Heh, yet another example on how lazy I am with writing blog posts.
But we have finally moved away from the old CWMSv5 software and switched to KotoPasta 3.0 instead, so much better ey?

We have planned this switch for many months already, but at one point we moved a whole bunch of websites to a new webserver that's using PHP 7, this rendered CWMSv5 unusable. (Read More)

Unity for New 3DS and Global Game Jam 2016

David made this Post on 2016年02月03日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
We tried Unity for New 3DS and we semi-loved it.
Frame rate is even more perfect than on Wii U and sound works.
However, the graphics are terrible.
This is related to the fact that most build-in Unity shaders don't work with Unity for New 3DS.
Trying to load at least 1 of them will crash the game instantly.
Then skyboxes don't work, then the bottom screen gets somehow duplicated to the top screen.

All with all it's still not a bad engine at all, new apps simply need more work, that has always been the case.

Here's a video if you want to see it for yourself:

It runs fine on an old 3DS, but the graphical issues on a New 3DS are nothing different.

In another news, I have been at the Global Game Jam 2016 event.
In Cologne (Germany) this time.

And these are the final results after 48 hours of hard work last weekend:

Plans for 2016

David made this Post on 2015年12月30日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Long time not posted, so I decided to give a sign of life again.
In this blog post I'll give you a little insight for the coming year.

Phew, what a busy year!
Both games, web applications AND freelance work had to get equal attention, but I feel my biggest focus lied on my freelance work in 2015.
Now at the very last moment of this year, I got lots of inspiration to work on games again.

Heh, I had a dream about a game concept and I couldn't let it go since then.
That's what the unannounced game will be now.

After months of waiting on the Unity and Nintendo teams, BlockForm is finally ready to be released for Wii U.
However, not for New 3DS.
Unity for New 3DS is still not available at this moment and I wanted to release both versions at the same time.
Therefore, we're forced to move our release date to 2016.

Meanwhile, I have given some people at the Tomocon 2015 in Nijmegen (Netherlands) a unique chance to play this game.
I could clearly see the joy in their eyes once they hop on various platforms.
It felt like magic to me, especially after reading the negative comments on the internet about BlockForm.

Now I'm giving you a second chance to try out BlockForm for Wii U: at the GamePit Con 2016 in Arnhem (Netherlands).
GamePit Con will be held on the 16th of January 2015 and the city is easily accessible to both Dutch and German people.

Unannounced game
After many failed relations with game artists, we have all new plans for this one.
We'll be taking about 2 years for this game, meaning we will likely release this game for the upcoming Nintendo NX.
This also means we will come with something mind blowing this time, so no more student projects, prototype ratings or 1 month challenges.

Unlike what the media speculates, no NX dev kits were ever sold to any developers at all, so for now we will make a Wii U version.
Besides Nintendo Co. Ltd, nobody still knows what the NX really is!
Hopefully we can port the game to the NX before we are ready to announce this game.

KotoPasta, HanaPasta and UruPasta
The CMS, forum and webshop software we're creating has nothing to do with games, but it's still one of our running projects.
We're working on these 3 platforms and can easily be merged into 1 platform if desired.
As for KotoPasta (CMS), you can find the source code, documentations and more on my Github account:

Once HanaPasta (forum) will be ready for public use, we will switch away from CWMSv5 DEV-BUILD to KotoPasta/HanaPasta.
So just a little more patience please!
You can get a little preview at UltimatePisman for now.

076 Webs
076 Webs is what will be our 3rd 'department'.
Its main focus is to provide websites to customers, as well as developing new web applications and standards (like the 3 Pasta 'flavours').
You can get a little insight of it here (website is currently in Dutch only): 076 Webs

UltimatePisman will have a big anniversary in 2016: 10 years of YouTube videos!
UltimatePisman is therefore our oldest 'department'.
However, we are currently experiencing serious problems with YouTube:
On exactly 11:00 AM CET every day (including weekends!), 'Nintendo' automatically claims a bunch of our videos for no reason.
Yes, it's 'Nintendo' between single quotes.
That's because I honestly don't believe it really is Nintendo.
It's just YouTube covering their arse under "Nintendo" (double quotes this time).
Just the full automated, each time identical pattern alone already suggests this, but other 'companies' claim our videos too.
Most of those other companies don't even have anything to do with the content of our videos, and yet they all claim at 11:00 CET every day.
Coincidence? Don't make me laugh!
Before it turns into a drama, let me add that we had plans to do Let's Play videos on UltimatePisman, but that would be too unoriginal.
Instead I'm considering to add a series of tutorials on UltimatePisman, about both web programming and game programming.
More of this coming soon.

Global Game Jam 2016
The Global Game Jam will be held from 29 January 2016 till 31 January 2016 all around the world.
Like last year, I will participate one again.
Unlike last year, I will go to a Global Game Jam location in Cologne (Germany).
I was at the location in Breda (Netherlands) last year, but this one is fully booked.

It's yet another opportunity to add yet another game to my portfolio.
(And I guess the only thing Nintendo found funny about this sentence was "Unity".)

Chimpuzzle Pro 2.0
Scrap that one, I don't work on it any more.
I'm really sorry for that and its very long hold up, but Chimpuzzle Pro alone already required me to get permission from my old university.
I asked for permission for 2.0, but I never got a reply since then.
I did work on the level editor part to prepare for a "yes" (or in the case of a "no", I would simply gain more experience).

If I get no reply, I just assume it to be a "no" to avoid complications.
Once again, our apologies.


BlockForm got announced!

David made this Post on 2015年06月15日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hello folks!

Today at E3-week I can proudly announce BlockForm for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS!
You already knew it was coming, but now we came with an official announcement with screenshots and a trailer.
I'll leave writing to the press (they are the talent you want to read), so I'll keep it short.
For that reason: look at the screenshots and video down below!

I created this game in a single month time, but ended up completing it in 2 weeks.
All I need to do now is collecting money for age ratings in all regions.

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