Did you know monkeys love eating apples, and hugging penguins too?

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年11月24日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
The 'original' Chimpuzzle has been available for Windows for a while.
I just Ported it to Mac and Linux, so now all PC Gamers can enjoy it, before Chimpuzzle Pro hits your Wii U.
Keep in mind that this Version is unmodified from the Windows Version, which means it does not contain any changes found in
Chimpuzzle Pro for Wii U.
Just like the Windows Version, the Mac and Linux Versions are now available for free.
Get them all here, now!

Under the tech: CWMSv5

David made this Post on 2013年11月23日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Yamilla is working on CWMSv5 all the time she is not working on video games.
I work on it part time, but she is working on it full time.
Here is a simple Q&A sessions I had with this female mastermind.

What do you want to achieve with CWMSv5?
First thing that comes in my mind is, extra skills.
When I started working on it for CW-Games only, I thought, I could make an All-In-One solution too!
At the moment, CW-Games runs a Dev Copy of CWMSv5.
By the way, you pronounce it as "Seewims Version Five", I found it a cute name.

How do the past versions (CWMSv1, CWMSv2, etc.) look for you now?
By the time I worked on them, I was proud, but now I find them complete crappy.
CWMSv1, to start with, never had "v1" behind it, it was meant to be the CWSL Version of HTML.
Nothing more.
CWMSv2 was made a bit my dynamic, because I was to lazy to edit the Menus in every single file.
That one used PHP Code for the first time, although it was just "Include" and "Require".
CWMSv3 was meant as a School Project, to make an as original looking site as possible.
It looked like Mac OS X, got the best mark (10/10), and it ended up never being finished.
CWMSv4 was the first CMS System used at CW-Games, it had all what was required for a CMS.
This means a Blog, Forum, CMS System, and Admin Panel, it was meant to be as light as possible.
CWMSv5 will be the most complete free CMS solution that was ever made, with ease of use in mind.

Rating your last sentence, it looks like you want to publish it for everyone?
Lol, yes.
In the first place, it was meant for our Service Customers only, like Antazorg and Mondzorg Oostburg.
But then I wanted to commercially release it, when it was done.
But now I see asking money for CWMSv5 is a bad idea, because it's impossible to be a concurrent of other commercial CMS, Forum,
Blog, whatever system.
While these systems are only one specific thing, they are as complete as they can be, and much, much easier to use.
So for this reason, I'll release the whole thing under BSD License.
This means people can do anything with it they want, without any consequences.
Also, expect a great looking Default Theme, which allows a Web Designer to turn CWMSv5 into any shape they want!

You already have a CMS, blog and forum. Do you plan on adding more stuff to it?
I have planned to include a Wiki (like Wikipedia), File Manager (like MediaFire), eCommerce, Code Explorer, Bug Tracker, and Chat
Modules to it.
Eventually, I'll turn the Forum and Blog into Modules as well.
All Modules will be optional downloads, which means you don't need to use them.
So for example, if you want to use CWMSv5 as a Forum only, just download the Core System and Forum, install them, and there you
have it!
The best thing is, you can install Modules at any given time, so if you feel like you want to have a Wiki later on, just download the
Wiki, Upload the files, run the Installer once again, and it's there.
However, you'll only need to add it to a Menu yourself.

Do you have any ETA on the final product?
No, I want to complete everything first, and the list of features is only growing.
After that, I'll launch a separate Website for just CWMS stuff, invite people to test stuff, and report as many Bugs as possible.
An Open-Beta, basically.
I've already moved all of it there, but it's not accessible outside of the CW-Games Office, that's why it looks like CW-Games stopped
Don't be mistaken, because once everything is complete, all the improvements will pop up here at once.

Do you plan supporting custom plugins?
No, I have no room and no time for this.
But since CWMSv5 will come out under the BSD License, plus since the Code is short and easy to understand, I encourage other
people to change CWMSv5 to their own likings, including a Custom Plugin System.
Keep in mind that at the moment, CWMSv5 doesn't use any Framework, all Code was made by me in Nano (a Command Line Text
Editor for Linux).
Also, all I did was written on the Server, so every change was visible right away.

Thanks a lot for your time, Yami.
So it's a completely free and open-source application that includes everything you should use separately.
Kick away your WordPress + SMF + MediaWiki + osCommerce + Disqus installations, CWMSv5 is coming!
What do you think? You want or need an all-in-one CMS or not?
Comment below.

A summary of October 2013

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年11月04日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there, I'm 4 days late (yay?), but it's better to be late than making it never happen.

Just like every month, October was filled with Events.
I start off with CWMSv5, I paused it for a while, because making it to the new Deadlines is more important.
All what's left, are some minor (but important) Forum stuff, and major Profile stuff.
I can confirm now, CWMSv5 will be yet another private CMS release.

Chimpuzzle Pro got improved a lot, most notably at the GamePad Screen.
Unfortunately, we were unable to provide better Graphics, but at least you'll love the Gameplay.
We are now waiting for funds to finalise some (boring) legal stuff.

Another Wii U Project is running, and still processing really fast, and now reached its Alpha Milestone, meaning it's now in its Beta
I can't say more about it.

Also, we almost acquired a Nintendo 3DS Game Engine, we hope to receive it today, so we can finally start building the first Nintendo
3DS Prototype.
Until now, we have been roughly thinking about a decent Concept, which is really hard these days, with so many games already out.

In a nutshell, CWMSv5 got paused, Chimpuzzle Pro awaits funds., the next Wii U Project is now on Beta, and Nintendo 3DS Game
Engine almost acquired for a Nintendo 3DS Project.

Have a nice day, Yami out.

Phone support is now available in Australia

David made this Post on 2013年11月02日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hello peeps.

As you already know, we already offer phone support in Europe and the USA
for a while.
I am proud to announce our phone support has finally reached Australia too!
Just like Europe and USA phone numbers, the Oz phone number reaches the exact same destination: our office in the Netherlands.
This means once again that only I (David) am available at phone support, while Yamilla still handles email support.
By this we have covered the whole western world, except for Canada.

Fun fact: every phone number we have has a structure of "region code" #02 ##72.

For more information:

CWMSv5 Day 5

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年10月23日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there.

It's a bit early today, because I was done sooner than expected.

Own Comments
We have finally implemented our own Comment System.
It was cancelled at last-minute, I don't know why, it was easy to do it!

Smilies got implemented in the Comments.

BBCodes got implemented in the Comments.

Auto Enter
Automatic Enters got implemented in the Comments.


CWMSv5 Day 4

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年10月22日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there.

It's time for a more generic Title, from now on.
Not much work was done today, it was basically mostly about Design and Moderator Tools.

Forum History
Now you can check out the Forum History of users.
At the moment, it only checks for who started a Thread, and who Posted there last.
In-Thread coming soon.

Member List Styling
Now the Member List is complete.
Just like yesterday, Login is required to see it.

Signature Limit
Signature is now limited to 255 Characters.
There are issues with it in Opera, however.

Moderator Tool: Lock/Open
Previously available while Posting, but from now on, a Staff Member is no longer required to make a Post, just to Lock a Thread.

Moderator Tool Move
Threads can now be moved to other sections.

Improved Layout
I've adjusted the Layout of the Messages a bit, so they no longer align with the bottom of your Avatar.

Bye, tomorrow's focus will be on Comments, and the Blog in general.

It's official: CWMSv5 is in the builds! Day 3

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年10月21日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi yet again.

First, I'd like to announce the fact, that all the improvements I'm giving to this site got Approved, meaning we have CWMSv5 in the
At the beginning of June, we already announced CWMSv4 was our
most advanced CWMS Version yet, but we are taking a huge step further than that now in CWMSv5.
While CWMSv4 was aimed to have an as lightweight as possible site, it was still not user-friendly for non-technical people, neither
the front-end, nor the back-end.
In CWMSv5, we're going to finally change that.
However, it's still not said we will publicly release CWMSv5 (even though that would be fantastic).
UltimatePisman.org uses a heavily modified Version of CWMSv4, which I rather call CWMSv4.5, or CWMSv4 UP Edition.
Okey, enough about this, go for the Changelog, it's quite a lot today.

Update Forum Tabs w/Profile
Surprise! Yesterday, I implemented a workaround to save User Data on the Forums, by passing it to the Replies and Topics Tables.
It's no longer needed, and receives all the information from the Users Table instead now.
This means better performance, and more accuracy at the same time.
That's just Win Win!
Member Lists
When you Login to the site, you'll now see a Member List in the User Bar, displaying all our Members at once. However, it still needs
some styling.
Member Profiles
As promised, we now got Member Profiles.
As you can see, it's still not 100% Bug-free, but we're still working on it.

Disallow Banned
A new Usergroup, Banned, disallows reading the Forums at all.
Coming to Profiles soon.
A small list of BBCodes have been implemented, including Bold, Italics, Underscore, Strike, and Image.
More is still coming.
We have now split all Replies over Pages of 10 Posts each, fully automatic.
The TS (short for Topic Starter) will always be on top.
TS Colour
Speaking of TS, the TS has now a different colour from the rest of the Thread.
You can now use Avatars on the Forums.
Actually, over the entire site!
Just Apply ones, and you'll be able to use it everywhere (support for Comments, as soon as we implement our own system for that).
You can now make own Signatures.
Be aware, there's currently no limit on it, but if your Signature messes everything up, we will take it off!
Post Count
Post Counts are now displayed, counted, etc.
Gender Colours
And finally, based on your set Gender, your Username will be displayed in a specific colour. Girls are pink, boys are blue, and
unknowns are purple.

Blog is now automatically separated in Pages, by 10 Posts each.


Day 2 of Website Development; still not there

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年10月20日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi again!

During this whole day, I've been gathering a shitload of ideas for this site, and maybe I can make it so complete, we can finally
release our CWMSv4 CMS to the General Public in the near future!
Anyway, my main focus today was on the Forums, some of the features I've suddenly invented went through right away.

The first thing I did, was implementing Locked Threads, so people can no longer Post in a Locked Thread, while a Staff Member can
easily Lock a Thread.
At the moment, Staff Members can't Unlock a Thread yet, but that's just a matter of moving some stuff around.
Next, I've finally implemented something that's essential to every single Forum Software, while we didn't have yet: Smilies.
All Smilies are taken from AcmlmBoard XD, and thus they all work the same as on the said Forum Software.
The next thing I did, was making the whole CMS add a New Line automatically.
That's right, no more HTML Tags for this required!
Taking a break of the Forums, I finalised Profile Editing.
More customisations coming soon.
And finally, I returned to the Forums to re-style it, so it all looks clearer than before.


Site improvements, still working on them

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年10月19日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there,

It's Sunday, meaning there is nothing to do in Game Development.
But I didn't sleep, and decided to make this site even better instead.

First of all, you can now register to our site, which is now required for our Forum.
Speaking of Forums, Guests can no longer make Posts, only registered Members can, and now you can easily recognise the Staff by looking at the "(CW-Games)" mark after their names.
Other people have the "(Customer)" mark instead.
And finally, which is currently in progress, you can also edit your Profile a bit.

Now you might ask, where is my Profile?
It's not implemented yet, but it's coming as soon as possible.
In addition, our first plans to implement an own Comments System, which we cancelled and replaced it by a 3rd Party Plugin, got back on the list of improvements, and will come soon.

Happy Gaming!

Chimpuzzle Pro wishes? Tell us!

David made this Post on 2013年10月08日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hello, it's David from CW-Games.
We got a few wishes from customers and ourselves before we release Chimpuzzle Pro, but it looks like we'll be done with all of them in no-time.
For this reason, it's time to play a little game.
Yamilla called this game the "Challenge The Developer" game.

The rules are simple:
If you have a suggestion for Chimpuzzle Pro, put them in the comments below.
We will then pick the suggestions that are reliable to do and put them in.
Simple as that.

This is the list of wishes we want to add during this 2 months delayed release:
- Better speed (assigned to Yamilla, completed).
- Better graphics (assigned to Randy, in consideration).
- Level editor (assigned to Yamilla, nearly finished).
- Expand to 40 levels (assigned to David, in the works).
- Random level generator (assigned to Yamilla, pending).

By the way, we won't do any form of multiplayer for two reasons:
1. Networking is unsupported in Unity for Wii U.
2. Local multiplayer requires two GamePads to be used.

That's all peeps.

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