Randy takes his first steps to CW-Games

David made this Post on 2013年10月01日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Ey guys, this is David.
We have just welcomed Randy to our team.
We already did that last week, but it was not officially done yet.

Randy is our visual artist and composer now, he currently studies at a game development university nearby and he can program too.
But he will only make art and audio for us and was very enthusiastic about that too.

That's all I wanted to tell you guys, have a nice day.

Chimpuzzle Pro Trailer #1

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年09月30日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi again, here is the Trailer, as promised!

Chimpuzzle Pro got delayed until February 2014

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年09月30日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there, it's Yami again.
Chimpuzzle Pro got delayed from 26 December 2013 to February 2014.
It has a few reasons, and are:
1. The functions we have scrapped are going to be implemented after all, so the game will be even better.
2. More Levels we want to Design for it, which means longer joy.
3. Age Ratings are still evils we have to buy, because no Age Rating means no Wii U Release.
4. We need to finalise our deal in America, because we still have to.

December was a to short time, but February should give us enough time to have these 4 points done.
Stay tuned on this site, because in 2 hours, you can expect the first Chimpuzzle Pro Trailer.

A summary of September 2013

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年09月30日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Oh wow, it's October already!

A lot happened in September.
The Development of Syobon's Action 3D has definitely quit, continue making it isn't worth the trouble anymore.
We have decided to stop making Syobon's Action 3D, because it's not original, stood in the way of other more interesting Projects, and we can't release it on any Nintendo platform, because of its Design being similar to Mario.
We have decided to extend the release of Chimpuzzle Pro, so we can make it even better than it already is, and at the same time, get more time for the legal paperwork to be complete.
We really wanted to release it during Christmas, but time was short, tasks were huge, so we had to balance both of these first.
Furthermore, the 2 unannounced Projects are doing it well, the one for Wii U needs some Art, and we can announce it, but the one for 3DS still needs a lot of work, because we take a long time for it on purpose.
The 3DS Project has to be our first Cartridge + eShop release, so all we want to do is do beyond our best.

Besides that, we welcomed a new Visual Artist to CW-Games.
This person will come for an Intake this arvo, I'm excited to hear about the results.
If he gets definitely accepted, we will announce his existence here, we promise.

So in a nutshell, Syobon's Action 3D got a total stop, Chimpuzzle Pro got extra time for improvement, 2 other Projects are doing fine, and a new Artist is incoming.

Anyway, Yami out.

Chimpuzzle Pro is heading for Christmas

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年09月21日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there all, it's Yami again.
Chimpuzzle Pro is heading on 26 December 2013, exactly during Christmas, to Europe, Australia, and the Americas, exclusively for Wii U.
In case you don't know what Christmas is, it's some Christian holiday, filled with food, presents, and lots of trees.
Of course you can't eat a game, but you can give your best mates a simple Indie game for Christmas, and Chimpuzzle Pro is the one you want to give.
If you don't, what's wrong with you? That's what Reggie said.

For the people wondering, we won't bring the game out in Japan.
While we understand Japanese people are most likely to play this game, we also have to admit that all the text have been embedded to images, which an Artist of the original Chimpuzzle did.
It won't be doable to change the text on them, that's why the game is available in English only.
However, our support is still provided in English, Dutch, and Polish.

Yamilla re-joins the party, but on a lower end basis

David made this Post on 2013年09月12日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
CW-Games has re-invited Yamilla Hoshi to come back to CW-Games again, but on a lower end basis.
She is no longer a project leader or something, just a programmer who does what she has to do.
This way she can still work with us, while not having access to any big stuff.
Re-joining CW-Games also means re-joining UltimatePisman, although all the changes we noted down last time still remain.

Thanks again for your time.

Yamilla got fired from CW-Games

David made this Post on 2013年09月05日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
CW-Games was fired Yamilla Hoshi today.
At the moment CW-Games operates as a 1 person company.
The following changes will take place:
- CW-Games: Twitter account will be used a lot more.
- CW-Games: Future projects will not include credits to Yamilla, Chimpuzzle Pro will still be shipped with her credits.
- CW-Games: Syobon's Action 3D has quit.
- UltimatePisman: Future videos will no longer display "Video by" parts in the description, because only I have access to it now.
- UltimatePisman: UltimatePisman.org has discontinued, will be kept to display the channel policy.
- UltimatePisman: No support via comments anymore.

All the other stuff will continue like it was.

Thanks for your time.

A summary of August 2013

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年08月30日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Right, after one month of no News, I thought it would be nice to Post something.

Anyway, I'm Yamilla, that crazy bitch who loves Programming so much, more specifically, games.
We have settled one thing: CW-Games will only make games for Nintendo platforms.
As a result, our interest in continuing on Syobon's Action 3D fell to -40%.
This has multiple reasons, including problems we had with our systems, Team Members that are not contactable lately, more Projects we have to care about, all that type of stuff.
We are not completely sure to cancel the game, continue on for Wii U with many modifications, or just let it go.

Meanwhile, Chimpuzzle Pro is perfectly on track, and it's finished.
We are currently preparing a Trailer, Media Assets, and Press Releases, which we will start releasing after the game gets through the approval process at Nintendo Co. Ltd.
Currently, the game will only come available in Europe and Australia, because Nintendo of Americas Publishing Team is hard to catch up.

We as well created a Road Plan for games we will make throughout 2013 and 2014.
Obviously we won't share it with you, as it's for internal use only.
One thing we can say about that is, all games are either for the Nintendo Wii U, or Nintendo 3DS.
One of these games is already in development, but Chimpuzzle Pro gets Play Tested and Game Tested as we speak, meaning that Project got a break until next month.
This is because we have only one Wii U DevKit, so we can work on only one game at the same time, right?

In a nutshell, Chimpuzzle Pro is on track, and will release at the end of the year in Europe and Australia, Syobon's Action 3D is in consideration, and one of the mystery Projects for 2013/2014 are in the makes.

Anyway, Yami out, and have a nice Weekend.

Syobon's Action 3D Screenshots

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年07月27日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there,

I would like to share some new Screenshots of Syobon's Action 3D with you.
All Screenshots can be found here.

First Chimpuzzle Pro Level shown and controls explained

David made this Post on 2013年07月26日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
As you might have predicted, the first Chimpuzzle Pro level is identical to the first Chimpuzzle level.
The GUI has not been touched yet, but that will come so no worries. :-)
With the required bullshit out of the way, here is the video of the gameplay.

And a quick note about the controls, we have made the controls as understandable as possible.
The D-Pad controls the blocks in Tetris style (left and right to move, up to rotate and down to drop it faster), A and Y buttons move the camera (A moves to the right, Y to the left), and the touch screen is used to pick a block. The + button is the pause screen, like you were used to.
Simple, isn't it?

As usual, just comment if you still have suggestions.
We are all ear.

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