Smaller scopes for two games

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年07月18日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there, it's Yami from CW-Games again.
I would like to announce the following:
We have decided to shrink the scope for Syobon's Action 3D and Chimpuzzle Pro.
This will affect the following:
- Syobon's Action 3D will not have more Levels than the original 2D Version, which means only four Levels.
- Chimpuzzle Pro will have 20 Levels, instead of 40. In addition to that, the Mac Version got discontinued, so we can fully focus on the Wii U.

Expect a Chimpuzzle Pro Trailer somewhere within 7 days from this point.
Thanks for your time, that's all you had to know. ()

More contact; extra phone numbers for our USA friends

David made this Post on 2013年07月18日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
As you might know already, we are a company based in The Netherlands and therefore we only accepted phone calls from European countries.
Not anymore!
Starting today, we now accept phone calls from landlines and mobile phones from our mates in the USA, Guam and Puerto Rico.
There is one more problem to fix: we only have a European phone number, which is really expensive for Americans.
Problem solved: we got an extra phone number for them!
For more information, click here.
Note that both numbers call to the same office in The Netherlands, the only difference is that we have fixed compatibility issues between the grounds separated by a hugearse ocean.

New Chimpuzzle Pro Artwork for you to spread

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年07月09日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi all, it's Yami from CW-Games.
I'd like to spread some Artwork and Screenshot(s) of our latest game: Chimpuzzle Pro.
If you're from the Press, download the Assets here, and spread the word on your site!
If you're a fan, just download them, and do share impressions with your friends, okay?
If you're a hater, well...I'll show you it's good.

Chimpuzzle Pro will come available at the end of this year, for Nintendo Wii U and Apple OS X.

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David made this Post on 2013年07月03日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Ey all, David the CEO from CW-Games speaking.
I am a bit late with announcing this, but it's better to do it later than never.

As of the 1st of July, CW-Games has become authorised Nintendo developers.
However, this swap did affect our way of working a lot.
The first thing we have noticed is that we have no longer the attitude to work on Syobon's Action 3D.
Of course we will still work on it, but that's a W in "MoSCoW" (won't do it for now).

Another impact is, we no longer feel like working for PC/Mac/Linux games at all and switch to the Wii U and 3DS completely.
Don't be afraid, Chimpuzzle Pro will still be released for Mac and Wii U.
Its development has no delay and it won't have any delay.
If you played and enjoyed Chimpuzzle on the PC, do not hesitate to make a suggestion for Chimpuzzle Pro.
Do it before the suggestion box gets closed.

CW-Games @ E3 2013

David made this Post on 2013年06月09日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hello, this is David, the CEO, owner, programmer, producer and designer of CW-Games. While still being in our office in Breda, the actual E3 2013 is up and running in the United States. Now, the time is right to announce something new from our side too.

Cat Mario 3D
First we start with Cat Mario 3D, just because that is our most well known project we have in development. This game will get at least 16 playable Levels with a slightly greater difficulty than the original Flash game. All Levels are selectable from the Main Menu, so you won't need to beat the whole game to play your favourite Level. New to really hard games? Cat Mario 3D will also include a Training Mode, so you can get used to the way this game is played without the worry to die. Boring? We have also included a Challenges Mode, with hard to beat mini Levels, similar to what Nintendo did with New Super Mario Bros. U for the Nintendo Wii U. Finally, the game allows you to adjust the game to your own (audio)visual needs.

Main Game
The main game will include 16 Levels, including the original 4 Levels and another 4 from a later Version. The remaining 8 Levels are brand new. We might have time to work on even more, stay tuned.

Training Mode
The Training Mode is for all people new to the classic Cat Mario traps. The Training Mode gives you the first Level, and provides you a warning every time you get close to a trap. After this Mode, you will return to the Main Menu, so there is nothing to worry about.

Challenges Mode
In this Mode, you will face small tasks or small Levels that are extra challenging. This could include you need to stomp 16 Smiley Faces without hitting the floor, or even beat the entire Level, without touching any solid thing at all. More on Challenges Mode this Autumn.

In the Options Mode, you will be able to adjust the volume of SFX and BGM, trigger Full Screen or Windowed Screen, Wide Screen or Standard Screen, and even get access to the Sound Test, where you can listen to your favourite Cat Mario songs, including the ones we have used during the early stages of development!

In addition to that, we will release a public Beta Demo to you in the Hack Store, so you can enjoy a few of our Levels already. We will release this Prototype, because we will not exhibit on any public Event, and we still want you to enjoy our hard work.

Cat Mario 3D will launch in Q1 2014 for PC, Mac and Linux.

Music Mayhem
While already announced, there is not much known of this game yet. This is a game we have made during our school time. This game is a Beat-em-Up game in a 70's disco. This game contains only one level and only two characters. Music Mayhem will be released on the 5th of July for PC.

Future plans
Of course we have some future plans. While not showing you everything (I'm sorry), we can say we are leaving the PC, Mac and Linux platforms alone for a while. Our next few games will release on Android and iOS, such as the puzzle platformer Triple-P and New Galaxians. When these games are shipped, we will take care of development on the Nintendo Wii U and PlayStation 4, starting with the sequel of Chimpuzzle: More Chimpuzzle. The mobile and console games are all not planned for release yet, these projects will start after Cat Mario 3D is shipped.

That was our somewhat short E3 blog. We would like to see you play our games soon, take care! CW-Games, go home! (Xbox One reference)

Hello, World!

Yamilla made this Post on 2013年06月07日, 9:00 JST | Category: Default
Hi there, and welcome to the new website of CW-Games.
CW-Games has a broad history of CMS systems we have used, such as Freewebs, WordPress, Invision Power, CWMSv1, CWMSv2, CWMSv3, and much more.
This time around, we have decided to build an entire CMS from scratch, and CWMSv4 is the answer.
Enough talk about the core of the site.

CW-Games has now a new vision on the future, Game Development.
We would like to thank our years long fans we had or still have, as well as our formal staff from the time we were Games Journalists and Hobbyists.
The new CW-Games is a standalone Indie Game Developer, making games for a variety of consoles and/or handhelds.
Our main approach is to make small, yet enjoyable, digital games, found in the Menu above (right below the Logo).
Our next game is Music Mayhem, developed together with the students of IGAD (NHTV Breda).
The said game will release for PC for free on the 5th of July, the day after the Release Party at IGAD.
Another game we have in development, is Cat Mario 3D.
This game is bigger than Music Mayhem, made by a smaller Team.

Refer to our FAQ to know when we can start hiring more people.
For (Press) Contacts, refer to Press and Contact.

By the way, we are as well developing a Forum for this site, so our fan base has an official place to ask questions, ask for help, suggest, drink beer, or just keep the noises in your street muted.

Kind Regards,
Yamilla Hoshi, David Blaszyk, et al

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