The next game will have a retro look-and-feel and some possible engine change?

David made this Post on 2016年09月11日, 4:09 JST | Category: Default
Forget 3D, forget material design, forget flat design, forget aero glass, our next game will go back to the early 90's!
More precisely, to the time before even the Super FX chip was used in the SNES!

We already made a promise put more attention to the graphics in our next game.
Our next promise is: the game will now take longer than an hour to complete!
Because the whole game will look, feel AND play like one of the early SNES games, except that it's running on modern platforms (3DS and PS Vita).

We started developing this game since about April 2016 and it was meant to be shown off on the 4th of October.
Heh, already broke one promise, because the game is still not good enough to be announced yet.
Actually, I guess the announcement will take even more months because we want TO MAKE CW-GAMES GREAT AGAIN, so both gameplay, art, audio and design is of huge importance this time, not just gameplay.

In another news, we're currently using Unity3D for this game.
However, we're currently looking to change that and go hardcore by developing using the 3DS and PS Vita SDKs directly.
This is NOT a promise, this is a wish of ours, so I hope it'll come true and also MAKE THIS GAME GREAT AGAIN.
Or we should make it 3DS-only, because we have no budget for PS Vita dev kits ATM.
But that's something I don't hope to happen.

Anyway, this unannounced game will probably come out somewhere in 2018 if we do it according to the schedule.

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