CW-Update Q3 2016

David made this Post on 2016年10月01日, 20:53 JST | Category: Default
Hello internet.
David here, I'm here to present the new CW-Update.

UltimatePisman's Anniversary
The 4th of October is the 10th anniversary of our YouTube channel: UltimatePisman.
This makes it the oldest on-going gameplay channel on YouTube, hurrah!
We will continue to make videos on this platform, even though it has been a bit quiet lately.

CW-Games goes Japanese (maybe)
It's becoming more likely than ever that CW-Games (and so UltimatePisman too) will move its office to Japan somewhere in 2017.
No worries, everything else will remain the same, as if it were still based in the Netherlands.

CW-Games sales
In Q3 2016, CW-Games has sold 27 copies of BlockForm for New 3DS, and 1 copy of Chimpuzzle Pro for Wii U.
Chimpuzzle Pro stats apply to Europe only, BlockForm stats apply to Europe and Australia.
For a full annual report, please check back on the 1st of January 2017.

UltimatePisman statistics
In Q3 2016, UltimatePisman got about 1,519,443 views, and 5,229,911 watch minutes.
At the moment of writing, we lack data for the final 2 days, so we have added 100,000 to both numbers so it would be at least a bit correct.
For a full annual report, please check back on the 1st of January 2017.

BlockForm goes America
After some miscommunications with Nintendo of America (which led to a big delay in America), our American fans can enjoy hours of fun in BlockForm, starting the 13th of October 2016!

BlockForm goes Japan too
Now that we're the first western company allowed to self-publish games in Japan, we can finally release BlockForm in Japan in Q1 2017.
The long wait is related to the high price CERO (Japanese age rating) is asking us.

Neko's Action
And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for so long: our brand new game we promised that will replace Flavoured Cats!
The game is: Neko's Action!
The game will come out for New 3DS and maybe PS Vita near the end of 2017, or at the beginning of 2018, which may mean we could eventually release it to the NX instead, but we will have to wait and see what the NX actually is before we make this decission.

That's all.

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