CW-Update Q4 2016

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Hello internet.
David here, I'm here to present the new CW-Update.

The end of UltimatePisman
As reported earlier, UltimatePisman is no more.
At least, not in its current form.
The rise of growing copyright policy concerns made us decide that UltimatePisman will no longer show any new gameplay from companies other than ours.
Thanks to the never-stopping copyright troubles, 2016 had the least viewers since 2009, and that is painful.

UltimatePisman will now only function as our PR channel.

CW-Games goes Japanese (more certain than last time)
It's becoming more likely than ever that CW-Games will move its office to Japan somewhere in 2017.
This would make the publishing side of things much easier and remove some hurdles.

We are currently looking for a bank to fund this, but it already looks more likely the move will be made than what we said in Q3.
No worries, everything else will remain the same, as if it were still based in the Netherlands.

CW-Games sales
Let's start off with our Q4 2016 sales.
Chimpuzzle Pro sold 8 times across Europe.
BlockForm sold 15 times in Europe, 160 times in the Americas, and 3 times in Australia.
Total: 186, which is our record for a single quarter.

Since the American region counts in months instead of quarters, here's a little breakdown of the months for that region:
October: 60
November: 44
December: 56

Including all of 2016:
Chimpuzzle Pro sold 32 times in Europe.
BlockForm sold 42 times in Europe, 160 times in the Americas, and 5 times in Australia.
This gives us the grand total of 239 total sales, which means we sold more copies in a single year than ever!

BlockForm possibly delayed for Japan
Because it's more likely than ever we will move to Japan, we thought it would be a good idea to delay the Japanese release of BlockForm to Q2 2017.
That way we can arrange everything with fewer worries.

Neko's Action is heading in the right direction; might come to Switch instead
We have previously withheld from releasing Neko's Action to the Nintendo Switch (back then known as "Nintendo NX").
Even though we still don't have access to anything regarding Nintendo Switch, we now at least know some fundamental details about that.
This makes it possible for us to determine whether Neko's Action will stay on the New 3DS, or move to Nintendo Switch, and the answer is yes.

Maybe we will release both games on both systems, but let's see how things will go first.
The PS Vita version is also still coming, as long as Sony won't drop their support for it that is.


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