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David made this Post on 2017年11月21日, 4:19 JST | Category: Default
After proudly developing games on Nintendo platforms for 4 years, I made the decission to quit.
As direct as we've always been, we have been lying a bit about this.
But it wasn't meant to make sure nobody will figure out, it was because I needed some time to consider before making a definite decission.
I still love the games industry, I still love to make video games, but 2017 doesn't feel like 2013.

Back when we joined Nintendo in 2013, we were very enthusiastic about game development on platforms hardly anyone got access to.
Nintendo was still very friendly and open minded, and they felt much more human than how they feel now.
In October 2015, they've transferred us from WarioWorld.com and their newsgroups to the Nintendo Developer Portal.
That's nice, finally we got a semi-centralised place for all the information we needed.

However, not even a full year went by after that, and they cracked open their policies from companies-only to every single person, and eventually merged all of the Wii U Developers devs into the NDP.
No offense to them, the real problem became crystal clear when hackers, pirates, and whatnot started to get instant access to something that used to take lots of time, effort, and trust to even try to get in.
And the shift in mentality got even clearer when Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch, which to this day they still apply favourism to select developers (some of which even proved multiple times to be dubious too!).
And all while all the loyal 3rd party developers keep demanding answers from a Nintendo that just won't talk, they at the very least took the time to close a topic about the developers trying to get Nintendo to talk about Switch development, because "enough is enough" and "I keep repeating myself".

Got sick of the way Nintendo threats their own 3rd party developers, but I also got sick of the 3rd party developers themselves that effectively drove away the more professional developers with very derpy questions.

I'm now continuing my life as an independent web application engineer.
Work is way easier, and I don't need to rely on platform holders, and it's the kind of work I can do entirely on my own (of course I'm planning on hiring people in the future, but until the times come, I'll be working alone).

This site will remain open for a while, but expect it to redirect to our new company in establishment: 076 Communities Group K.K.
A company we plan to launch in Japan in a couple months from now.
But until the times come, we'll make sure to have some products ready first, so we can immediately start off correctly.

Nonetheless, my time at CW-Games did teach me some good stuff too.
It mostly taught me how to not make products, and combined with my current full time job, I learnt lots of excellent good practises with programming in general.

If you're into web development, or if you're a potentional future customer, we'll see you back soon!
Sorry, I'm listening to a playlist of multiple remixes based off 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日, and I was writing the last few sentences exactly when a dramatic song came up.
You too should listen to it!

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