We're back!

David made this Post on 2018年01月30日, 22:22 JST | Category: Default
Months after announcing our withdrawal from the game development community, it's time to announce we are back in business!
However, with just a few adjustments.

Rather, this is a bit of a reboot.
The projects we still had in development have been cancelled, and instead we will focus on a different strategy.

Behind the scenes
During our time of temporary non-existence, our second team member helped us get access to Nintendo Switch devkits and everything, entirely on his own behalf!
As a reward, I promoted him to the main developer and business contact!
Now our main development platforms are Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 instead of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U (projects for those plus PS Vita are of course still allowed internally).
iOS and Android, as well as Linux/Windows/macOS and Xbox One, will currently remain our reserved platforms, which means we will not actually make any games for these, but might do if preferred internally.

In the mean time, we have been doing web development stuff under the 076 Community Group brand, which'll be merged with CW-Games.
Web development will be done by 076 Community Group, while game development will be done by CW-Games.
And of course UltimatePisman is our PR brand again.

It might be a better idea to do business in the doujin style, rather than the AAA style we attempted to stick with before.
AAA style is nice, but unrealistic if you're a team of 2 and a half people.

Instead of putting all our future staff on a single project that got predefined by me, we will let staff decide what they want to make, with who (including solo), on which platform(s), etc.
We have a partly public Git server now, which'll make this possible.

Better publishing
At a later time we will allow other developers to publish through us again in both Western and Japanese regions.
Costs for CERO will be dropped altogether, we have learnt this is something a publisher should cover, not a developer.
More on this at a later time.

Support forum will be back, plus better website
Under the 076 Community Group brand, we are developing new web apps, among which a website engine and a forum engine.
Those will be used by this site too of course, so expect that to happen!
(Please don't mind the SSL issues on the 076 Community Group site, we have a bit of an argument with Let's Encrypt.)

I think that's all.

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