Correction: we're not back, but will be

David made this Post on 2019年01月09日, 23:34 JST | Category: Default
As you've seen in the last post last year, we've been back.
As you've seen in throughout last year, we actually haven't been back.

What's the hold up!?
First of all, sorry for all of that.
That put aside, as promised multiple times before (and failed at it because reasons), I've finally moved to Japan.
This meant lots of radical changes in literally every single aspect of my life, and couldn't do anything of what I previously promised.
But at least now the entire team lives in the same country.

Only the last point got some progress, and that's the new web apps that I finally picked up after a very long time of those collecting dust.
They are now (partially) in use on 076 Group:

Break free, UltimatePisman!
Maybe some subscribers have noticed how UP no longer feels like an association to CW-Games, those subscribers are right.
UltimatePisman is still maintained by me, but it's now totally been separated from CW-Games, and therefore now acts as a gaming channel of its own.

CW-Games → 076
It has been a huge consideration for 4 years now, but we'll be converting CW-Games into a part of 076 Group to make management of multiple brands less bothersome.
However, since 076 Group itself has almost fully converted into Japanese as its main language, so the future of CW-Games will.
Publishing will also be dropped, the aim is to be as independent as possible.
Doing a publishing service is therefore contradicting this idea.
The reason for that can be read below.

Realising a crucial mistake: too much focus on business
As a human being, I've made quite a lot of mistakes, the inhuman part is that I've been very slow to notice them.
Among a very crucial (perhaps even fatal!) one is that under the CW-Games brand I've focused on business way too much.
Among the consequences are that quality of the games are poor, I gave up on too many projects both announced and unannounced, I thought too big (which resulted in giving up), and was working on multiple projects at the same time.
With this I realised I cared very little about my audience, and even less about myself.

As a result I was working on large scale RPG games and platform games, while at the same time working on smaller 3D puzzle games, and at the same time working on multiple web applications concurrently, and YouTube videos, and desktop apps, and mobile apps...STOP!
The proper way is by scaling my projects to the size small enough I can do as being a single person, and at the same time big enough to come over as good quality.
And of course work on 1 project at a time, schedule the other ones in for later ordered by importance, and drop everything else altogether.

I've put this to the test with 076 Group already, and I can say that it works great, even while doing my full time job next to it here in Japan.
The new website system is already completed, I'm now working on the user system that's almost being completed at this moment, and then I move on to the forum and (maybe) chat systems.
And after that, I can finally start with a new game I have in mind, which is perfectly doable for just me, but will certainly not disappoint you.
The game in question at this point exclusively exists in my mind at this point, and I refuse to even make a plan for it until I've finished all 4 web applications I'm now working on.


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